web 2.0 white paper ..

Close on the heels of my previous post, I recently read a fascinating white paper from A D Little entitled Web reloaded? Driving convergence in the real world

I have an English language version of this white paper and I believe you can download both the English and the German versions from the Adlittle site

A disclaimer, AD Little partner Jurgen Morath (who is one of the creators of this document), has also given me feedback on Mobile Web 2.0 (and I have also in turn fed back some ideas to ADL).

Besides the comprehensive nature of this document, for me, it shows that Web 2.0 has definitely become mainstream.

If you want to get a copy of this document, please post a comment here or download it from the above web site

Also, I am speaking in Düsseldorf at the inaugaral Mobile Monday event and I hope to meet Jurgen and his team there. Thus, any questions on this document welcome, so we can get some more insights