Mobile Web 2.0/IMS/User Generated Content/Mobile Network Operators training course ..


Hello all

I seek your thoughts on this concept .

What would you add/remove from a course like this? (mainly pitched to Operators)

As many of you know, last week, I conducted my first ever course at Oxford University on Web 2.0 and User Generated content.

It was good to meet some forumoxford members there but also good to meet BBC, MTV and T-mobile

I am now doing one more course oriented towards Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS i.e. looking at User Generated Content from a telecoms / infrastructure perspective

The course will have a dual perspective. It will approach Web 2.0 from the user perspective and also from the IMS standpoint. It will cover the basics of IMS and will then discuss how IMS would apply in a user generated content / Web 2.0 world

It would cover

• Understanding Web 2.0

• What is Mobile Web 2.0

• Significance of User generated content

• Content types: Movies, music, podcasting etc

• Business models and revenue streams

• Threats and opportunities: legal, social, trust, copyright etc

• The principles of Mobile Web 2.0

• The role of IMS in Mobile Web 2.0

• Seamless / Converged Web 2.0 services in context of IMS

• Threats and strategies for Telecoms operators from Web 2.0 companies

• Services

• IMS, OpenGardens and Web 2.0 – A competitive advantage

• Golden bit pipes

• Is IMS necessary for Web 2.0 services?

• IMS, Web 2.0 and third party APIs



• Privacy

• Security

• Context/Presence

• Consumer vs. Enterprise

Any one interested in details of this course, please email me at ajit.jaokar at

I may be able to give you an early discount to this course

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