A sad day with a silver lining ..


Hello all ..

A sad day for the industry today ..

The feature (www.thefeature.com) closed today

This site has long been the home page on my browser and its one of the best I have seen

There are two reasons why thefeature will be a loss to the industry ..

Firstly, it’s excellent – unbiased content. (I have to look for a new home page now!)

But the second reason is more important ..

Few knew that thefeature was owned by Nokia and to Nokia’s credit – it was always impartial

In that sense it was a pioneer along the lines of the cluetrain manifesto It was one of the best examples of a company(in this case Nokia) – engaging with the community without the usual PR spiel. It is a manifestation of the ‘trusted network’ concept and I am glad to see it succeed for so long. Sadly, can’t think of any other corporate examples along these lines.

Many people I know were a part of the feature – and compliments to them all. Justin Pearse, Tomi Ahonen, Tom Hume, Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino(editor)

And the silver lining ..

Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino (ex editor of the feature) are starting a new blog. Early stages but I think its an interesting development for the industry. see the blog HERE

Watch this space!

Kind Regards