I am on the Scoble show this morning!


What a nice Christmas gift! I am on the Scoble show this morning speaking about Mobile Web 2.0 and Publishing! Better than being on TV in my book!

Considering its my first major media interview – totally unplanned and unrehersed late at night in a London hotel lobby .. its not bad ..

I have always enjoyed meeting Robert Scoble and the last time I met the Scobles, was when they came to London.

Great to be on the show and thanks Robert.

Please have a look at the Scoble show. I have been following Robert’s work for some time now and I learnt a lot from the following videos (among others) at the Scoble show :

Mark Lucovsky(Google), Bill Watkins(Seagate CEO), Betsy Aoki(Microsoft), Adam Gross(Salesforce.com), Eric Billingsley (eBay), Roman Scharf (CEO Jajah), Mark Cuban, Jonathan Schwartz(Sun Microsystems CEO) and Shai Agassi(SAP)

Considering the above folk, it’s great to be in the same company on the Scoble show. Do check it out!


see the link here at the Scoble show