Digital grannies and other trends:

I had the pleasure of reading the Sep 26 issue of Newsweek (International edition)

It has some excellent coverage on the future of entertainment – and I very much recommend you should read it

Here are the things from the feature which I found fascinating – alongwith my own thoughts on these where possible

The gaming granny

And we are not talking ‘Bingo’ here! Apparently, the BBC found a granny deeply engrossed in playing a multiplayer game (they don’t say which game unfortunately – love to know!). This example provided the BBC with fascinating insights into the minds of extreme users. Essentially, users are using the whole gamut of technology and new media in ways that cannot be predicted. Media companies are trying to understand how customers are interacting with their products.

Two important truths of 21st century media

Firstly, all news and entertainment are ‘personal’. This bit is well known and was not new to me. But, the second is – The internet changes the timeline of production, broadcast and consumption. This means, content can appear in all formats at once (unlike movie first, followed by DVD and so on). This model apparently maximises advertisement revenue and reduces piracy

The threat to the entertainment industry from yahoo et al ..

A well known theme as well. I can sum this up by – Yahoo knows exactly who downloaded the movie – the entertainment industry has no idea about who is in the movie theatre.

The importance of the editor

Google is a defacto editor – in the sense that Google controls which content is seen first. Thus, search engines are making judgements on art – are they qualified to do so? Is this not an objective(rule based) judgement as opposed to subjective judgement? Is such objective judgement suited for art?

More soon ..