Do you want to volunteer for Mobile Web Day?

Hello all

A longish post for completeness .. but this is a great idea.

Firstly, some background

Russell Buckley (currently managing director Europe for Admob ) is one the first person who I worked with when I joined the mobile data industry back in 2000. Since then, we have collaborated on and off with various ventures.

In a post (as below), Russell outlined the idea of a Mobile Web Day. As many of you know, I run Oxford University’s next generation mobile applications panel alongwith Tomi Ahonen

Tomi and I think the Mobile Web day is a great idea .. sort of like ‘Intel Inside’ of the mobile data industry i.e. some times we need a visual marketing campaign to remind ourselves about how much we have achieved as an industry. So, we are supporting it big time through forumoxford(which is global/free to join and has many innovators).

So, if you are interested, please email me at ajit.jaokar at and lets work together to make this happen!

Russell’s original post

There’s a real dearth of good data about the mobile web. If I want to find out the top websites in any country in the world, region or even globally, there’s any number of free and paid-for stats I could access.

The same isn’t true of the mobile web at all, as it seems to be off the radar for many analysts and marketers alike. I’m involved in the mobile web on a day-to-day basis through AdMob and via our partnerships with mobile websites and via talks with actual and potential advertisers throughout the world. But I’m constantly surprised at how vibrant the mobile web ecosystem actually is and how relatively low awareness is among decision makers and the people who influence them.

To put this in perspective in 1996 (if you can remember that far back) you couldn’t open a newspaper or business magazine without talk of this Internet thing and how it was going to change our lives. But at that time only 19% of US adults used it and the stats would have been even lower in Europe.

However, results of a tracking survey by ComScore Networks released yesterday showed that 19% of US adults use the mobile Internet today and yet the mobile web scarcely gets a mention in the press. Furthermore, Europe is even higher, with Germany and Italy leading the way with 34% each, then France (28%), Spain (26%) and the Uk at 24% – though stats I’ve seen from M:Metrics puts the UK at 29%.

I also know that these probably aren’t the biggest markets from AdMob stats – I’m sure that S Africa and India would be even higher than that.

So why is the world ignoring this – which is every bit as revolutionary as the PC-web before? After all, many members would agree, the mobile will become the single most important device for accessing the web, even in developed markets within a 5 year time frame.

I don’t have an answer, but I can speculate.

Since most usage is probably led by early adopting youth markets, older people – the decision makers and influencers – just aren’t aware of what’s going on around them. If 25% of the population started wearing berets and stripey T-shirts, it would be blindingly obvious that something was happening. Well, OK maybe not in France, but you get the picture. Whereas what you do on your mobile is essentially a private thing and it’s not getting seen.

So, do the industry a favour and point out to a few people that the mobile web is here and it’s being used by a big enough percentage of the population to be called mainstream – and it’s happening right under our noses.

Maybe we should have a Mobile Web Day and spread the good news – any takers?

My post at forumoxford

Hello all

Considering a great thread from Russell yesterday about the idea of the Mobile Web day, I volunteered to create some kind of working group (for the lack of a better word) and work with Russell on this

Tomi has gone one step ahead and posted a comment which essentially means we will offer a lot more direct and practical support to this idea from forumoxford

In a nutshell, I guess we could ‘incubate’ this idea within forumoxford.

since we will be always free and open to anyone who wants to join – it’s a very inclusive proposition even to people who are not yet members

I still see Russell running it and fronting it(it needs a good marketing person – and Russell is one of the best I know!)

In addition, we will work with Russel by creating a small group of volunteers here at forum oxford considering our global reach and scope.

We are also looking to combine our idea of ‘journal’ with this initiative

I will take the lead from forumoxford but we will still be helping russell – so Russell and I will work together(along with Tomi) + a core group from here + the rest of the group

Maybe we make this a rotating group for volunteers?

Dont know

anyway, seek thoughts and volunteers

Tomi post as below from original link location

Hi Jim, Mark, Barbara, Alex, Keith and Faith

Very good! I was about to suggest Ajit might want to take a lead position at least here with our Forum Oxford gang, as this sounds like a good “brochure version” of the upcoming Journal of our Forum…

I think the “target audience” would be essentially two – first and foremost, the media. We have a good story, and upbeat story, a success story – here. It does not get anything like reasonable coverage (says one who still fumes about the big Economist cover story all but ignoring mobile [grumble-grumble])…

Then we here, at Forum Oxford, can definitely generate a very impressive, “comprehensive” and geographically very wide-reaching collection of case examples and success stories. I’m thinking here already in our thread we have Russell’s Admob, Mark’s Flirtomatic etc – and with just a bit of “recruiting” ha-ha, I’m sure we can have many others joining us like William Volk of MyNuMo etc.

So – I’d suggest first to Ajit – perhaps you can start the thread recruiting the volunteers to offer their company stories for this “celebration of success”.

Then, for all of our members here of Forum Oxford – if you work for, or represent, or know of – any company with a good story of how success is made in the mobile web, then lets hear from you!

Ajit – you know some of the companies I work with or am closely associated with, I’ll go and chase them to “gently force them” to “volunteer” for you ha-ha…

Another thought – I think if we approach the journalists with this story idea – I think we can greatly help sell the story, with a bit of statistics. No, I don’t mean going “Tomi crazy” with the numbers (but I love statistics, numbers are my buddies?) – but a few key stats I think would help. Like I still read a couple of places this year that the mobile telecoms industry would be “reaching 2 billion” users soon. We all know we’re past 2.5 billion already (does anyone happen to have a current accurate count by the way, should be near 2.6 shortly)? Like the numbers Russell posted originally, etc.

Some of my initial thoughts…

Tomi Ahonen / HatRat