Illegitimate name is legitimate name on facebook but Patrick Lord is not :) – Mobile Monday Barcelona

I thought I was the only person who had tough time with my second name :)

Spare a thought for ‘Patrick Lord’ CMO of mobiluck

Patrick and I spoke at Mobile Monday Barcelona last night and he told me this amusing story ..

It concerns Facebook, of which I am a fan ..

When Patrick tried to register on facebook with his real name ‘Patrick Lord’ , facebook thinks ‘Patrick Lord’ is NOT a real name.

Of course that IS his name!

So, in desperation he registered under the name ‘Illegitimate Name’ i.e. first name = ‘Illegitimate’ second name = ‘Name’

Voila that was accepted by facebook!

So don’t be surprised if you get ‘poked’ by ‘Illegitimate Name’. That’s Patrick!

Joking apart .. It was nice to speak at Mobile Monday Barcelona – run by the uber mobile blogger Rudy De Waele .

This is vibrant momo chapter – and it was great to meet Rudy for the first time(inspite of a number of conversations, we had never met before)

Apart from me, Patrick Lord CMO of mobiluck (aka facebook – ‘illegitimate name’!) and Lucia Garate Mutiloa R and D specialist – Group R and D at Vodafone were the speakers.

Lucia did a great job of presenting Vodafone betavine. Of course I have blogged about betavine before since both Dan and Stephan Wolak are involved with it

Lucia mentioned that Betavine has released their APIs – so don’t forget to have a look HERE

The interesting things for me in mobiluck’s presentation were

a) Use of anonymous voice chat(for dating)

b) The uptake of their Bluetooth service in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

c) Use of cell ID to get location(hence free and cross operator)

You always meet many interesting start-ups at a momo event – and I shall be blogging about some I met yesterday. But one interesting company I met(and it’s not a tech company) is Manfatta. They manage online reputations – i.e. track what people are saying about a brand and try to manage that brand’s reputation online. I always knew this existed but never met anyone who did this for a living!