Would you like to translate the Mobile Ajax FAQ in other languages?

We are getting some great feedback on blogosphere to the launch of the Mobile Ajax FAQ. Many thanks for this. Would you like to translate it in other languages? If so, please email me on ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com or post a comment here and we will be happy to consider it. We will post it on the Horizon channel and link back to you.

Rocco will do the German translation and Bryan will translate it into Canadian :) – so I am looking for languages like Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Korean, French and so on ..

The mobile Ajax FAQ is launched on the Horizon Channel !

I am very happy to announce this ..

The Mobile Ajax FAQ is launched!

Its been jointly created by Ajit Jaokar, Rocco Georgi and Bryan Rieger ..

Many thanks to Rocco and Bryan for their fantastic efforts ..

The Horizon channel itself (my media startup) has been relaunced based on the idea of a Rich FAQ. You can see the startegy HERE and the Mobile Ajax FAQ HERE

We also acknowledge the work of

Eli Dickinson Editor, FierceDeveloper

C Enrique Ortiz

Daniel K. Appelquist

The Open Ajax Alliance

The mobile Ajax FAQ coming this week …

This is a post designed to put pressure on me :)

The mobile Ajax FAQ coming this week …(finally!)

This week, we plan to release our FAQ on Mobile Ajax. So, watch this space …

Bryan and Rocco have been doing some great work while I have been jetting around .. and thus the main bottleneck … But this week, we launch!

Thanks for all your help Bryan and Rocco

Do you want to write an FAQ on the OpenGardens blog?


Alongwith Rocco Georgi and Bryan Rieger , I am working on a Mobile Ajax Faq in line with my presentation at Ajaxworld in New York. I am now thinking of extending this idea more to other topics. Would you be interesting in writing an FAQ which we would publish on this blog?

It will be a living document and hopefully would be great for your personal profile as well.

If so, please contact me at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com