MMS message sizing for video ..


Following on from my previous blog, the mystery of the MMS size continues ..

Alfie from the mobile apps club (working for streamuk) believes that ‘they charge 25p for a message below 49.99 kb, and 50p for anything over.’


The networks will generally fail anything above 100/140kb, and that’s where Orange are really failing their customers with this marketing push.

exactly my thoughts ..

Sure, ok, you can send video by mms, nothing new there, but you will still be hampered by this size limit. Nowhere on that page does orange tell it’s customers that 90% of all video files they try and send are going to fail.

I really must check out the standards. I also suspect this will work between Orange to Orange and Orange to a web site(mobile blogging). Its still interesting to see a price point for MMS – although there are some clarifications needed in my view