Digital eves: Stories of Pioneering Women in New Media – by Maggie Baldry

Digital Eves: Stories of Pioneering Women in New Media


I am happy to announce our latest book and our newest author : “Digital Eves – Stories of Pioneering Women in New Media.” by Maggie Baldry

As the name suggests, Maggie’s book comprises a series of interviews with some very high profile women pioneers in new media. In a nutshell, Maggie’s book is all about role models for women who want to enter the new media sector.

When we first contemplated this idea, I must admit I was not sure if the book is a ‘futuretext’ book since our books are normally much more technical.

But the human angle is fascinating. The chance to make a difference in the lives of many people is too good to let slip. And it fits in with my personal ethos of nurturing individual achievement.

I ran the idea with some women who I know are role models including Dr Rebecca Lingwood , Judy Breck and Susan Mernit.

They all loved the idea and when Maggie offered to write it, I knew we had the makings of a great book!

If you have written for Futuretext, Maggie Baldry is a familiar name. Maggie edits and develops ours books from conception to launch.

She has worked with me since 2003 and helped with the preparation of the original OpenGardens manuscript and then followed on Mobile Strategies and more recently Mobile Web 2.0

On her part, Maggie was thrilled when I asked her to co-ordinate and write Digital eves, as it will combine two of her favourite subjects – development of new media and the success of women in these industries.

She says she is “Very excited about this latest project. Really looking forward to creating a book that will celebrate the achievements of women who are leaders in their professional and creative lives and who are happy to share their journeys and their inspirational stories with the world.

Currently based in the UK(but with dreams of jetting around globally!) , Maggie is a trained technical author with a broad commercial background within Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Data Management.

Maggie’s professional career and journey into technology started in 1988 within the R&D department of Flymo, the garden equipment manufacturers, where she helped to develop design office and CAD system procedures.

As her knowledge of new product introduction and technological development expanded, in 1991 Maggie was asked to create a new department to schedule the introduction of product software (instruction manuals, service information, guarantee cards, etc.). This department was also responsible for preparation of translations, proof checking, final edit and pre-print approval.

In 1999, Maggie was given the great opportunity to assist with the management of a global supply network of consumer goods – turnover approx. 15 million US$ per annum – for Electrolux OEM products from Japan, China, Korea, France, Italy and the UK to international clients. She is still in this role today.

Alongside her career in consumer goods manufacturing, in February 2002 Maggie created Virtual-e-perfection VEP  a writing support service. VEP grew from Maggie’s passion for development of communication and information technologies with her main interests being mobile applications/mobile technology and development of the Web to enhance business, educational and social enterprises. VEP has helped many people with development of their educational, creative and professional writing strategies.

So, with this background and her work with editing many of Futuretext books, Maggie is an ideal author for Digital Eves.

I am very happy to welcome her to Futuretext as an author!

We have some great contributors to this book .. but we are always looking for more ..

If you can recommend anyone who should be in this book, please contact me at ajit.jaokar at or maggie.baldry at

Watch this space!