Disappointed with Video iPod – help!

Anyone else having this problem???

This is my very first Apple product – so I am hoping I may have made a mistake here and there is a solution somewhere!

I am trying to get iTunes to work

I have a video iPod (80G) which I got from the States

I live in the UK – so signed up to UK iTunes store

The UK store has no videos, no TV shows etc

I can’t sign up to the American store because my credit card billing address is in the UK

So, qs is: how do we get videos in the UK?

Am I missing something?

For instance, I can see some movies, CNN, Discovery channel and even the Cartoon network in the us … but not in the UK!!

To me, it seems that at the moment, there is no point buying a video iPod outside the usa because there is no content for it

iTunes as a delivery mechanism for Mobile Widgets ..

Here is a thought ..

Currently, application discovery is the key issue ..

Extending this to Mobile Widgets, the question is ‘How will people discover Mobile Widgets?

If iTunes(and I am using this generically, i.e. trying to illustrate the concept through iTunes – anyone could do this – for instance Nokia or Opera) .. were to be used to deliver iPhone widgets .. then .. it has some unique advantages ..

That is been hinted HERE


NPD analyst Rubin sees iTunes as being one possible vehicle for delivering applications to the iPhone. Besides giving users a familiar interface, it will also give Apple the chance to certify applications for the device.

For example, Apple tightly controls all development of software for the iPod. All games developed for the iPod are distributed by Apple via the iTunes Store, rather than being made available for individual download on developers’ web sites.


This would be good .. But my qs is: even today, sites like handango do offer application downloads ..

So, qs is: What would iTunes do differently?

Does the fact that you will have content + apps together for download .. help apps(Widgets) download? (I think it will)

i.e what I am saying is: sites like handango are used by techies ..

Its when Joe(and Jane) public start to ‘discover’ mobile apps, they will take off

We already go to the iTunes store to get content. The process of application discovery(specifically widget discovery) is but a natural extension

Actually, this could be an interesting insight because anyone could sell content and apps together (like widgets) along with it(not just Apple)

Consumers would be drawn to content .. but in the same process could also start to explore widgets ..

Adds William Volk:

Normally, selling mobile content sans a P-SMS arrangement would be the kiss of death BUT 99%+ of iPhone users are going to have a iTiunes account anyway. Unified billing is unified billing so this could work. There’s even a RINGTONE tab in the new iTunes (Google the story). So yeah, widgets and ringtones from iTunes.

Mobile Marketing Manager, iTunes – anyone else seen it?

I am not sure if this is a real ad since I dont have a link

Apparantly it was a part of mobile monday NYC as reported by timothy shey

Has anyone else seen it? If its true, it could indicate a lot about Apple’s strategy for the iTunes phone

Title: Mobile Marketing Manager, iTunes

Req. ID: 2657738

Location: Santa Clara Valley, California

Country: United States

Req Date: 14-Jun-2006

Reports to: Senior Manager, Marketing and Promotions, iTunes

This position is responsible for overseeing worldwide mobile

marketing programs for iTunes content and feature campaigns. This

person will be responsible for working with cross-functional teams,

including Engineering and Marketing Communications, and outside

partners to develop the program infrastructure and reporting

solutions that can be leveraged worldwide. The iTunes Mobile

Marketing Manager will be accountable for traffic, sales and customer

acquisition goals. The successful candidate will bring substantial

experience in mobile marketing and partnership management as well as

strong leadership and management skills.

- Devise, measure, and monitor criteria for successful campaigns,

with a focus on customer experience and ROI.

- Collaborate with iTunes Engineering to build program components as

the foundation of the mobile marketing strategy.

- Engage music, concert, and television fans with compelling offers

and promotions.

- Strong knowledge of the mobile marketing ecosystem and

infrastructure, from carriers to aggregators to agencies to customers.

- Strong understanding of the handset technology limitations and

their impact on messaging and customer experience.

- Excellent contacts at US and International carriers, especially in

the marketing disciplines.

- Work with the major carriers, worldwide, to ensure the best

coverage and exposure to the potential audience.

- Identify and cooperate with aggregators and mobile marketing

agencies to build innovative campaigns.

- Reach out to content providers to forge strong relationships and

expose opportunities for mobile exclusives.

- Partner with Apple Advertising team to develop integrated programs

that support customer acquisition, revenue generation and brand-

building initiatives. Identify and secure co-op mobile advertising

dollars from iTunes content providers.

- Deliver on monthly and quarterly traffic, sales and efficiency


- Passion for music and entertainment media distribution.

- Strong leadership skills with demonstrated ability to present

recommendations and plans to senior management.

- Proven analytical skills and quantitative mindset.

- Skilled negotiator.

- Outstanding written, verbal and communication skills.

- Skilled at developing and exercising cross-functional influence.

- Highly motivated team-player and able to work in fast-paced


- 4-6 years relevant mobile marketing experience.

- BA/BS required with strong quantitative background; MBA a plus but

not required.

- Entertainment marketing background required.

- International work experience a plus.