I am speaking at imobicon in seoul(south korea)


Hello all

I am speaking at imobicon in Seoul(South Korea). Speaking on the first day on mobile communities. This is a fascinating conference and many things to learn(not just mobility but the full digital convergence spectrum)

If you are there, please email me and lets get in touch

ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com

Mobile Industry Trends & Future Outlook – The Operator’s Forum

Evaluating the global trends for 3G deployment and adoption

What do operators need to do to ensure future success?

Ensuring future services and benefits reach the consumer: the top priority

A vision for the future mobile industry and services: what will be the challenges and successes?

Assumptions of early 3G users Launch target dilemma: business, youth, early adopter

Prototypical young 3G user: Generation-C

Communities as a category of Customer

Road to reachability: deeper customer involvement with 3G

OMA in the Asia-Pacific Region

OMA Evolution Through Innovation

OMA and Global Standards Collaboration

Highlights of OMA’s Recent Enabler Developments and Releases

OMA Value to Membership

Creating successful service development through global partnerships

Why is Korea so important for the Western mobile market?

What can different regional markets learn from each other if anything?

How will convergence affect the future mobile industry?

Mobile Content: Strategies for Increasing ARPU

Delivering Multimedia Services: 3G vs WiBro (& WiMax)

Does the operator need to keep control of branding?

What are the pre-requisites for mobile content and applications to be commercially viable?

Which new trends look set to influence offerings globally?

How much progress has there been in generating content designed specially for mobile?

Value Added Services; content is king

From broadband to ubiquity

WiBro and Mobile WiMAX

WiBro towards 4G services

What Services Do Consumers Use On High-Speed Networks In South Korea?

Which content has seen successful adoption in South Korea?

What is the market telling us regarding which services are really making money?

What is the business case for evolving 3G and do consumers need it?

How will HSDPA or WiBro/WiMax change data services and service quality?

Examining the developments of CDMA 2000-1X-EV-DO

HSDPA & WiBro/WiMax: complementary solutions or competitive? Single or dual delployment strategies?

Mobile Music

What is the best strategy for partnerships between record companies and operators?

Is mobile the right channel to generate new revenues for music companies?

What are the challenges for reconciling rights and royalties for record companies and artists?

Which particular territories are attracting the attention of the major record companies?

Developing Mobile Games The Future of 3G: Evolving Mobile Technology

Mobile Communities

Creating mobile communities with multi-player games

Messenger & community service in mobile, SMS & MMS

Overcoming the challenges of multiplayer community via mobile

Speaker: Ajit Joakar, CEO, FutureText

What is the Future for 3G?

The transformation of 3G networks to super fast broadband


Converged Buisness Model in Mobile Games

PSP and the other emerging wireless game platforms

Who is the last winner among PSP, Mobile 3D Game Phone and other platforms?

How well are 3D games performing?

Has there been market demand for 3D handsets?

Mobile 3D Gaming Service strategy

What is the Future for Fixed-Mobile Convergence?

Evaluating the business case and implications for the future communications industry

Can IP & Wireless Technology Converge to Deliver Advanced Multimedia Services? Can a seamless experience be created for the end user between voice, data and multimedia?

Enhancing the Multimedia Experience

Mobile Network Security

European Mobile Content and Games

European mobile content market development

Operator strategies for addressing the European games market

Opportunities for Korean mobile content/ game companies to establish a presence in Europe

Mobile Industry Trends & Future Outlook – The Mobile Content Provider’s Forum

Enabling Rich Mobile Content to Increase Revenue

What’s the next-generation killer application in mobile world?

What are the latest services in development?

Wired and wireless inter-working gaming

Adult mobile content & Mobile music

Mobile TV: Strategies & Outlook Mobile Middleware Solution

Enabling Mobile TV Services with Satellite DMB

Will DMB be the killer application?

What is the business model for DMB?


DRM: Does it kill Content Generation?

The appropriate level of DRM: Protecting revenues while ensuring ease of use

How real is the perceived threat to creativity posed by DRM?

Does adding DRM to content really impact on handset design & architecture?

Will a single DRM standard across mobiles, PCs, and other devices drive up costs & stifle innovation?

Mobile TV Seen Through Recent DMB Standardization Activities Basic A/V DMB



The future of the mobile platforms in Korea

The world leading standardisation platform will be WIPI?

Usability extension of WIPI: Is it applicable to other convergence devices?

Mobile Broadcast Services: Pros and Cons based on South Korean Case

What is good about broadcast services on mobile phone?

What is the downside of it? Especially, technical and economical burdens

What is the status in South Korea?

Contents service in the circumstance of convergence through middleware platform

How to execute contents without conversion on any platform by middleware solution

Mobile video on demand and broadcasting services

The mobile video business model

Controlling the end user experience

Where is the revenue in mobile video?

Developing innovative video content – how can the industry best work together?

Enabling Mobile TV The Evolution of the Mobile Handset

Is Mobile Triple Play – Voice, Broadcast TV/video and Data – The Killer Combination? - Choosing the right technology and business model for on-demand video and broadcast TV for mobile Triple Play

How the convergence of mobile and broadband services and multi-channel delivery will change the broadcasting market? Analysing the evolution from broadcast TV to network PVR and Video-on-Demand services and its impact for mobile content business

What is the revenue potential and sharing model in mobile broadcasting and how to bundle the services? Results from the Finnish mobile TV pilot in Helsinki over DVB-H

The mobile handset value chain

Handset evolution : changing the consumer behaviour to multimedia services

3G multimedia handset : new design challenges on the way to rich content The challenges of merging telecommunications and broadcasting for the mobile handset; key drivers for handset innovation

What about low cost handsets

Storage, flash cards, connectivity, secure applications

Mobile TV: Global Update And Outlook For ChinaGlobal overview of developments in mobile & handset television

Handset-based vs. other terminal

3G vs. non mobile network-centric