Identity society event in London


I have been involved in the discussions leading to the formation of the Identity Society in London. Its organizer is a very clued on Luke Razzell - someone whose views I have a lot of respect for.

As per Luke’s post, here is some background about the Identity society

But what is the Identity Society actually about?

Our integrated experience of our own and others’ identity helps us make sense of our life: each person’s unique, individual experience is threaded though their interactions with friends, family, businesses, government, doctors, the legal system and information of all kinds. At the same time, as individuals, we are very skilled at selectively disclosing and concealing aspects of our identity according to context and need.

So, given our consummate individual skills with identity, why is our society so often so poor at mediating the flow of identity information for helpful outcomes? Why can’t we make key medical information readily available to doctors in an emergency without compromising our privacy at other times? Or enjoy a personalised shopping experience that is joined up across retailers? Or have our government vouch for our identity without allowing them to track our every action? What is the psychological impact of revealing or concealing our identity in various situations? And at root, what does identity mean anyhow?

These are just a few of the questions that Identity Society might address. But the Open Space event is an opportunity for us to work out what the best questions really are and to begin to devise an effective strategy to answer them. Some of the best and the brightest in the UK and US identity scene are already signed up to attend—we hope to see you there too!

Please see Luke’s post for registration and more details. I look forward to seeing you there.