Google’s acquisition of reqwireless – whats the rationale?


Google’s acquisition of reqwireless – can you understand the rationale?

It seems like a J2ME browser – technically very good from the reviews but nothing special. Maybe it’s really for the engineers! No wonder the Canadians are happy!

Acccording to palowireless

Reqwireless WebViewer is a Web browser for J2ME MIDP devices.

WebViewer supports HTML along with GIF and JPEG images, providing users of mobile Java devices with access to the real Web. WebViewer is not a WAP browser. WebViewer is just 48K as a JAR file and is built upon ReqwirelessWeb, our class library for fetching and rendering HTML. WebViewer supports the following features:

* HTML, including forms and image maps

* GIF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP images

* HTTP, FTP, and gopher resources

* HTTP cookies

* HTTP Basic authentication

* HTTPS (if supported by the device)

* Bookmarks

seems pretty much standard to me. what am I missing?