flagr – the name says it all ..

had to happen!

Actually, I quite like the simplicity especially of the mobile section

The mobile section is quite elegant

a) Start a new Text or Picture Message and address it to:

b) [email protected] the message body, type the title, address, and a description of what you’re flagging in this format:

c) [email protected]…descriptionSend it. Your flag will show up on your map within seconds.


Their FAQ section also gives the follwing information

What is a flag?

A flag is a real-world, geographic bookmark that can have a title, a description, tags, and even pictures. By default, all flags are public, and specifically delivered to the Summary pages of those who count you as a friend.

How do I add a flag online?

You can flag online by signing into your Flagr account and clicking the ‘Add a Flag’ link on your Summary page. There’s also a tab on your Flags page that will allow you to add a flag just the same.

Can I really send a text or picture message to an email address?

Yes! It‘s surprising to most people but the vast majority of mobile phones can send emails.

What is the default zipcode and when is it used?

This is what Flagr uses when you don‘t specify a city in your flags. This saves you time while flagging, especially if you tend to flag in the same city. For example, a Flagr user with a default city of San Francisco CA may enter ‘10 market’ instead of ‘10 market San Francisco CA’

Do you have any tips to enhance my flagging experience?

When entering an address (online or on your phone), you can leave out street, drive, lane or any of the abbreviations. ’10 Market Street’, 10 Market St, or 10 Market are all the same to Flagr.

Keep [email protected] in your mobile phone‘s address book, so you don‘t have to retype it every time you flag.

Specify a default location on your account page so you no longer need to enter your city.

source: http://www.flagr.com/