I am at the launch party for distraction this thursday ..


I am at the launch party of the new book distraction (published by my company – futuretext ) this thursday. If you can make it, please let me know. It should have some well known industry players – especially in media and telecoms.

The party is in Vinyl Factory, opposite Fjord – see the map attached – on Thursday July 14th at 6.30 pm. Drinks, other fascinating people –the usual stuff.

Distraction – being human in the digital age

The explosion of new communications technology – the internet and mobile phones – means we’ve reached a social tipping point of no return: for we are becoming ‘always on’. Not only connected all the time to “the network”, but distributing ourselves to others through it.

Is it possible for individual humans to deal elegantly with the abundant communication possibilities of the modern world? Are we in danger of paying more attention to the potential of a text message than the here and now around us? As we seek to find ways to incorporate the web, e-mail and mobile phones into our lives, it is clear that the boundaries between private and public space are breaking down.

In the age of 10,000 songs in your pocket, why are sales of old fashioned records booming?

Do we run the risk of believing that data is everything, and confusing information with knowledge?

Why is our sense of time and space changing radically? Digital space is upon us but what will it look like?

Lack of time is the most frequent complaint of harassed adults in the early 21st century – where has it all gone?

What can we do to make the best of new technology?

What can we learn from a virtual hotel run by teenagers?

How can we use digital to map out and fashion new expressions of identity?

Will we trade privacy willingly for security?

And above all, how can we use new technology to be creative and celebrate us, to leave a vibrant legacy for the future?

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