Why do people buy Mobile adult content?


Why do people buy Mobile adult content?

I have always wondered about that question. Note that the operative word here being ‘mobile’.

Why buy ‘mobile’ adult content when ‘web’ adult content gives a ahem .. ‘superior’ user experience!

But mobile adult content is definitely big business as discussed by Julia Dimambro of mobile adult content site ‘Cherrysauce’ in her interview with Forbes magazine where she says that her site gets a million hits a month !

Strategy analytics predict that the mobile adult content market would reach $5 billion in 5 years

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the charming Julia as she came to London to attend the Mobile entertainment awards (which her company Cherrysauce subsequently won )

So, I asked Julia the same question: Why is this market so ‘hot’(excuse the pun) ?

Her rather interesting response has to do with the mobile device being available at the point of ‘inspiration’ – something which many including me have been talking about .. (just that I did not expect it to apply in this situation).

Typically, a guy(nothing to do with gender neutral writing here – it’s almost always male customers) thinks of sex every seven seconds ..

While that may be an urban myth .. its still a number of times a day for a large portion of the (male) population ..

And which other device do they have handy at all times whenever they are thus ‘inspired’? and how long does it take to download a video clip, a sexy screen saver or a naughty ringtone?

Well .. maybe there is a market there after all ..

PS: former Baywatch star Carmen electra claims she thinks of sex every 20 seconds .. maybe there is a bigger market here considering the female audience :)

I think Julia is a pioneer in a male oriented industry and I think of her as the Christine Hefner

of the mobile adult content industry.

Julia’s web site is (note this is an adult site – so don’t click on this

link if you are offended by adult content) Cherrysauce