Why should bloggers not be the stars of a conference?


Hello all,

I am involved with a new concept and seek your feedback.

The basic idea is simple. Today, bloggers are the main influencers in the marketspace. Maybe much more than analysts, researchers etc ..

So, why should bloggers not be the stars of a conference?

I am on the advisory board of a conference which is based on this simple concept. The conference covers wireless and mobile media (mobile / web 2.0 / media 2.0 etc)

We are running with a simple idea : Conference attendees, companies etc would like to meet and know top bloggers. Bloggers meanwhile also want to interact with the community ..

So, why not bring them together?

Initially, it will have a European focus – but I have already had interest from as far away as South Africa and New Zealand!. We define bloggers simply as people who have been running blogs getting a lot of traffic, links etc and who have clear views on the industry(not merely people who post for the sake of it!)

I have two questions

a) I seek your thoughts and feedback on this

b) Can you recommend any bloggers who we should invite?