No MMS on the 3G iPhone – good or bad?

There have been some questions about the lack of support for MMS on the new 3G iPhone ..

I think there is a simple explanation .. Apple is right to leave MMS out of the iPhone(and it reveals a much broader strategy as we see below)

I think the question is- What exactly do we need MMS for(from the user standpoint)

Three things are possible ..

a) person to web communication(photo album type of application)

b) person to person communication

c) A2P (Application to person i.e. web site to person) – this is like a daily news paper

In reality is P2P communication via MMS is dead (and MMS has only itself to blame)

More importantly no matter what Apple does – it cannot control the P2P experience since the operators, other device etc will not be interoperable

The other two(A2P) and Person to web – can be done by the iPhone much better without getting bogged down with MMS

The question reveals a key insight ..

Both Google and Apple are wisely not mucking around with the network layer .. I.e. leaving the network layer to telecoms and focussing on the Apps layer(playing to their strengths and to the revenue sources)

When Android was launched .. I had a post saying - No IMS stack for Android? Which is the same thing(conceptually)

So, it makes a lot more sense when you look at it from both tech and functional angles

The chickens have come home to roost for the telecoms industry ..

If they launch ventures like MMS and dont get the interoperability right and make them viable for the whole ecosystem (think OpenGardens) .. these initiatives(and the cost) become dead in about three years when players like Apple and Google will simply bypass them. We saw that with LBS. Now we see that with MMS.

The future belongs to the Web players dominating the Mobile space – which is nice :)