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Data Science for Internet of Things (IoT) course – University of Oxford

I am pleased to announce a unique course  – Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT) course – University of Oxford

We are launching first with very limited places We already are collaborating with Mapr, Sigfox, Hypercat and Red Ninja and many others

So the course will be based on practical insights from current systems

Everyone finishing the course will receive a University of Oxford certificate showing that they have completed the course

Course is fully online

Have a look  Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT) course – University of Oxford for more

Welcome feedback and will update a lot more over next few weeks

If you want to avail of this very unique certification, please email me for more information ajit.jaokar at

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5G spectrum – for all or for the few?








I am back from MWC and also from the keynote at the Raspberry Pi conference.  More on those soon.

Independent of MWC, here is an interesting link I saw about 5G from Stephen Temple’s blog

The question is: Will 5G benefit all (valleys) Or will it benefit a few who already have good coverage (hills)

Stephen identifies three trends affecting Spectrum allocation

a) Radio system technology advances are focused solely on making the hills ever higher but doing relatively little about the valleys.

b) Spectrum regulators are doing their best to find more spectrum to meet the rising consumer demand for wireless data (again – the hills)

c) The third trend is the collapse of mobile handset performance as an ever greater number of frequency bands are brought into use for mobile radio. An antenna optimised to work over widely separated frequency bands always has a worse performance than one optimised for a specific frequency band.

You can read the full story from the blog - Will 5G be for a minority of high capacity hill dwellers or for the rest of us?


Image source Stephen Temple blog representing Hills and Valleys

Why the Hilton honours site is fundamentally misleading ..

Firstly, let me say .. that I am a fan of the Hilton hotels and service.

I have stayed in Hilton hotels across the range for years. I have read Conrad Hilton’s book Be my guest  

So, I hope this blog can be seen as a trigger for improvement.

I contacted their customer services but still I think they did not get the point ..

There is a fundamentally misleading sequence of events with the Hilton Honours web site

Here is why ..

Like most people, I went to the Hilton Honours web site to redeem points

I think this is the normal use case of the Hilton Honours site i.e. to make a new booking, people will either go to a site like expedia or they will go to the individual Hilton properties

I did the same
However, as per below, there is a little check box which is NOT checked by default when I go to the honours site ..
It means, by default .. you DONT use points .. you make a NEW booking .. unless you see and check that small checkbox
That’s exactly what happened with me ..
Sales/marketing seems to have got the better of customer service – at the expense of customers.. 

Ex .. when I go to an airline frequent flyer site, my default action is to redeem points .. it is not to make a new booking
Hilton must have spent a lot of money on the site .. yet this seems to have been missed? or was it intentional?
Someone in sales/marketing seems to have seen this as a way to sell NEW bookings at the expense of your existing customers
Among the response I got from Hilton by email was the below
But this seems to have missed the point that I did not intend to make the booking in the first place(I wanted to redeem my points to book the hotel as opposed to make a new booking)
This is sad indeed ..

Please be advised that during the process of your reservation, you booked a special rate called ‘Great Getaway’.  While our Terms clearly state:  


  1. Rewards may not be combined with other certificates, discounts, packages or promotional offers unless otherwise specified in writing by Hilton HHonors Worldwide.

It was not our intention to make you book a paid reservation.  Even if this is the case, most of our reservations are cancelable; however, the reservation which you confirmed was a non-refundable booking.

Excellent McKinsey report on Big Data

The McKinsey report covers general issues of Big Data, and specifically how its adequate applications could generate extra revenue and cost savings at the same time, as well as improve quality and efficiency. The report takes a look at 5 sectors:

  • healthcare in the United States,
  • the public sector in Europe,
  • retail in the United States,
  • global manufacturing, and
  • personal-location data globally.

The research  offers 7 insights:

1. Data is now a major part of production that businesses increasingly depend upon.

2. Big Data can create value in 5 ways:

  • by making information transparent and usable at much higher frequency;
  • by enabling organizations to collect more accurate and detailed information on everything (from product inventories to sick days etc), thus helping them to boost performance;
  • by  allowing ever-narrower segmentation of customers and more precisely tailored products or services ;
  • by allowing sophisticated analytics to substantially improve decision-making;
  •  by allowing manufacturers to use data to create innovative after-sales service offerings such as proactive maintenance.

3. Big Data will become a basis for competitiveness and growth of individual firms.

4.  Big Data will spur productivity growth and consumer surplus.

5. Analysis suggests that some sectors will get grater gains from Big Data than others. The sectors to gain most from Big Data are computer and electronic products and information sectors, as well as finance and insurance, and government.

6. Organizations will experience a shortage of talent to take advantage of all that Big Data has to offer.

7.  Several issues need to be address before Big Data can deliver its full value:

  • policies related to privacy, security, intellectual property and liability;
  • right talent, technology, structure workflows and incentives need to be put in place first;
  • integration of information from multiple sources, often from third parties, will need to be put in place.

Original McKinsey report: Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity

Infographic – how mobile apps have changed the world

I liked this infographic
So much is happening with mobile apps and this picture shows the scale

Source: How mobile apps have changed the world

How Mobile Apps Have Changed the World
Top Apps

Speaking at Mobile World Congress – IBM / Worklight – Mobile enterprise event

Speaking at Mobile World Congress – IBM / Worklight – Mobile enterprise event



FTTH Forum 2012



I spoke at this conference a few years back and it has grown to be bigger from it’s early beginnings. Dear Colleague,


In the 10 reasons to attend  FTTH Forum 2012 (07.11 – 08.11.2012, Istanbul/Turkey) – the conference organisers sent below, there are some interesting stories especially Google/kansas city and Amsterdam

Below is from the conference organisers

1. As an attendee at this conference from an enterprise, government agency or service provider, you will undoubtedly run into other attendees seeking Next Generation Networks solutions like you are. This conference is not a ‘Telco industry gathering’ where everyone you meet will try to sell you something. People come to this conference to learn about and select Broadband solutions. The networking you do with other people trying to accomplish the same goals you have could make this visit worthwhile.

2. Service providers, enterprise buyers, government buyers, resellers, investors and developers can meet many companies with answers to your Broadband Technology questions.

3. The roster of speakers for the conference sessions, panels and keynotes will absolutely blow you away.
4. Meet the experts: During lunch, some of our experts are available to meeting with you to maximize your benefit of participating at the FTTH Forum 2012. Meet representatives of Turkcell SuperonlineVentura PartnerEtisalat and Aaron Deacon, one of the pacemakers of the Google / Kansas City project.
5. “The FTTH Forum is an absolute must-event for NGN professionals” – It was Frans-Anton Vermast, one of the project leaders of the Amsterdammunicipality’s fiber-to-the-home project, one of the most extensive undertakings of its kind in all of Europe, who commented about our previous FTTH Forum. Thanks for that!

6. I am certain there has never been an educational offering for Service Providers in the region that comes close to the program at the FTTH Forum 2012. Worldwide leading analysts (IDATE, Ventura), operators (Turkcell Superonline, Etisalat), investors,content-providerregulator - it’s all covered in our agenda.

7. Can you imagine, that the FTTH Forum 2012 is the only place in Europe, where you will hear about the incredible story:Google offers 1 GB fiber connections – and this information comes from someone who is part of this project?

8. We have held the Pre-Conference Workshop “Building the business case for profitable FTTH deployments – understanding the real drivers of profitability, what works, what doesn’t and how you increase revenues and margins” already before and it has received one of the best ratings ever. Don’t miss it this time and hurry up –the last edition was totally booked out!

9. During the afternoon we are introducing 2 very special panel sessions, where you can ask your questions to true experts: During the panel “Business Cases and Investor Opinion in Turkey and the Region” the CFO of Superonline, a representative of the European Commission and international investors debate about the huge pool of capital looking for infrastructure investment projects. The other panel is about:” Content vs. Service Provider -Making Money From Content: Will Telecoms Learn to Live With Content Providers or Will We Just Kill Each Other Slowly”

10. Register still this week, and you are entitled to pay the lowest available delegates fee. (attention Operators: Claim your special discount!)