Cision lists the OpenGardens blog amongst the top 50 UK consumer technology blogs ..

Cision, a global media intelligence provider, selects the OpenGardens blog to be included in their Top 50 UK Consumer Technology blog ranking part of TechnologyWeek. Cision is a global, publicly listed company with a history of more than a 100 years in operation.

This is always good to know especially the other blogs in that list include the PlayStation.Blog, TechCrunch, Official UK LG Blog and the Three UK blog.

One of my authors is on CNN: Tomi Ahonen/Digital Korea on CNN – A great day for us!


This is a great day for futuretext. Tomi Ahonen – the co-author of Digital Korea is on CNN this morning. You can see the video HERE.

(My company – futuretext – is the publisher for Digital Korea)

I can’t say how happy I am to see this!

Tomi has been a great friend and a mentor to me in setting up futuretext as a business – and getting Tomi as a futuretext author (he was thrice published elsewhere before) has been a big turning point for us as a publisher

Tomi and Jim O Reilly(the other author of Digital Korea) put in a lot of effort for this book .. It is truly unique .. And we planned it on a flight to Seoul in Dec 2005 – and now it’s been recognised by CNN!

This is Tomi’s second book with futuretext(the first being Communities Dominate Brands with Alan Moore)

Please join me in congratulating Tomi and Jim for all their efforts