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Brands and Trust: A background

Trust and Brands are interwoven like the double helix of DNA.. A Brand is much more than the image, logo, name, awareness, experience, campaign, product or trademark. Whilst all of the above (and more) are essential components of a brand, the brand itself is the meeting of an ‘intention’ and a ‘promise’, a confluence that involves Trust. A recent Interbrand survey valued Coca-Cola at US$73 billion, Microsoft at US$70 billion and IBM at US$53 billion. Underpinning that value lies the experience the brand provides to it’s customers. The consumer experience comprises many things.

Today, the iPhone is a textbook case of a brand leveraging a consistent customer experience for it’s customers. The iPhone, and many other leading brands, provide both the experience and the Identity for the customer. My favourite example of a brand with timeless trust is Patek Philippe. The watch is called a ‘chronograph’. There are no prices on the site as far as I could see. The advertising shows that the watch is yours to experience and to ‘hand down to your child’ i.e. a tradition/legacy. This type of branding and the promise it depicts is truly timeless and will remain so.

Thus, Trust is beneficial for brands. Brands want to be trusted and indeed, some are trusted reflecting their market value.

But at the same time, the values, traditions and norms of society are changing and brands are reacting to that change. We see this in many ways – for example – Brands are displaying their “environmentally aware” credentials in response to greater awareness among consumers. The 2011 Edelman survey on Trust ranks financial institutions at the bottom of the ‘Trust’ scale. The survey  also indicates  attributes like Quality, transparency, Trust and Employee welfare as valued attributes by customers. It goes even further by finding that reputation enhances believability i.e. customers have to hear something about a specific company multiple times for them to believe that information. 26% have to hear the message 4 to 5 times and 59% have to hear it 3 to 5 times. In an era of current media scepticism, customers are influenced by multiple voices and multiple choices and the need for authority and accountability set new expectations for Brands.

The Algorithm lens, the Local lens and the changing balance of Power

However we define Trust, we acknowledge that Trust is  a two way processes.  Brands need Trust  and indeed customers trust some brands which is reflected the high market value of the best known brands. However, the nature of Trust in a brand is changing. The Web has led the first phase of this change as customers have become active and vocal. They are no longer passive consumers. The information they contribute transforms their relationship with brands and in some cases the Brand itself. Beginning in 2005 with the emergance of the Web 2.0 generation, two shifts happened: Firstly, Customers contributed data .Secondly, search engines harnessed that very data to create a ‘filter’ for our online world based on our data. Today, we are living the Social or Facebook era which takes the sharing of data to the personal level and by extension, extends the filter to the our social graph

Increasingly, with the greater availability of data, firms are simply ‘harnessing’ all this data which customers share. Today, the balance of power rests with the providers and with the firms which have the ability to capture data. We do not see the current generation (which we call ‘Screenagers’ – i.e. people who grow up interacting with multiple screens daily), sharing less data. On the contrary, the trend to share more will continue. We also see that companies will continue to harness that data and will provide more  services based on Data. This gives the perception that the balance of power has shifted away from the customers and towards the providers (such as Apple, Google, Amazon).

But the balance of power shift may not be so one sided.

Web orientated search engines put an ‘algorithm lens’ over online content. Mobility adds  a ‘local lens’ over both physical objects and online content. In other words, the web and mobile based search engines created rankings and thereby a filter or ‘lens’ for search results based on analysis outside of the control of the user. In a multiscreen world that the Screenagers inhabit, these multiple screens will be generative i.e. they will create their own data and by implication contribute to the  filters. This filtered data will be used by everyone, which means it could also be used by customers themselves. Customers will be able to see their world through this ‘lens’ of someone else’s data. Customers’ data could be harnessed by others but customers could also easily choose to share key data components and / or create a set of preferences that would ‘colour’ their world through their own data lens to their own benefit

This paradigm could bring back control to customers even when their freely available data can be harnessed by others. Thus, in this phase, all brands will be affected. Just like the Web 2.0 phase produced brands like Amazon and eBay, we will see the rise of new brands which will serve the customer especially when the Screenager mindset will be the dominant paradigm for societies (especially in cities) which affects our physical space. The foundation which drives this relationship will be data.

The Screenagers hypothesis

Data is already changing many areas that we once took for granted – ex Data driven journalism . Data is being released by governments, individuals and companies at a phenomenal rate. Over time, we expect that Open source, Open standard, Peer to Peer initiatives will arise to create this ‘lens’

So, the Screenagers hypothesis is:

a)    Brands will be expected to fulfil their promise but that will be only the minimal requirement

b)    Customers will continue to share data about themselves and about their brand preferences. This data will continue to be harnessed by providers. The rate of this behaviour (both sharing and harnessing) will increase

c)    Simultaneously, it will be possible for customers to harness their own data

d)    This data will act as a lens/filter for services

e)    This will profoundly change the relationship with brands and new brands will emerge to take advantage of this paradigm and serve the customer better

The screenagers event will explore this hypothesis in detail and will look at three axes i.e. Data, Benefits and Services to create a model to explore this hypothesis

We will explore these ideas in the Digital Footprint Summit Learnings and Insights from the Screenagers – Thursday, November 3, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT)

Droidcon 2011

We supported Droidcon London last year and this year the event has grown bigger and we are supporting it once again.

Droidcon London 2011 is Europe’s largest conference that exclusively covers Android development and applications. The conference will take place in London on 6th-7th October 2011.

Droidcon London 2011 has grown tremendously since last year, in line with the exponential interest in the Android platform. This year, upward of 600 Android enthusiasts will rub shoulders with the premier experts in the field to dig into every aspect of Android and its ever-growing ecosystem. High on the agenda this time around are Android for the Tablet, Android in the Enterprise, Android for Games, Android for business, Augmented Reality and a whole lot more.

Day One will be community led with a full-day Barcamp and Democamp.

Day Two will be conference day, with presentations from some of the world’s foremost Android experts, including two Google Developer Advocates for Android in Richard Hyndman and Nick Butcher CommonsWare’s Mark Murphy (author of the Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development), Mustafa Isik aka CodeSurgeon and Yosi Taguri (programmer on the fantastic game, Ahhh-Pah) with many more top class speakers still to be announced.

You can register via the Droidcon London 2011 site. Follow Droidcon London 2011 on Twitter: tags: #droidconUK #droidcon

Follow Droidcon London 2011 on Facebook

Mobile monday eastern europe

Mobile monday eastern europe the renowned open social platform Mobile Monday gathers the Eastern European communities of developers in a 3-day cross border event:

Chapters from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia including Turkey and Israel will create an unique event.

The event includes competitions, conferences, exhibition and workshops

Our friend Dan Romescu has some special deals if you are attending

Appsterdam at PICNIC

As usual, the PICNIC event takes place in Amsterdam next week.
I am speaking at an event within PICINC – Appsterdam. You can follow the event at @appsterdam

MLOVE announces Mobile Report and Launch of MLOVE.TV












Our friends at mlove have announced the launch of Mlove TV and a new report which can be downloaded for free MLOVE report 

The MLOVE Report summarizes crucial topics for the Future of Mobile – as much more than a technical platform or a media channel: Mobile is becoming the remote control for our lives. The content features key insights from renowned international speakers of the MLOVE ConFestival 2011 and Illustrations by ImageThink, New York.

MLOVE also announced the launch of MLOVE.TV a platform to showcase background interviews and presentations by thought leaders and innovators about Mobile and the passion to create our Future. The first interviews published include Grammy-Award winning rapper Chamillionaire, United Nation Foundation Director Adele Waugaman and Peter Hale, co-founder of top creative agency GBH, London. A first keynote presentation is posted of Jonathan MacDonald (founder, Every Single One of Us), with more content to be added on a weekly basis. The evolving video channel is available at MLOVE.TV 

The MLOVE ConFestival features topics like communication, education, entertainment, Japan, mHealth, Singularity and Sustainability. Interactive formats included a first MLOVE Teen Camp, open space and ideation workshops called Future Cubes in the setting of a 200-year-old barn.


The MLOVE ConFestival has been named a ‘TED for Mobile’ and a meetup of the ‘IT avantgarde’ with an engaging and inspiring format in the setting of a 19th century castle in the former Eastern Germany. The MLOVE ConFestival, focused on innovative mobile opportunities for brands, entertainment and advertising and the impact of mobile as a social catalyst for positive change.

The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The event exposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximize the opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better.

The MLOVE tribe started grass roots by an international group of “mobile passionistas” in 2008. Through MLOVE “camps” in Andorra, Barcelona, San Francisco, Munich, London, New York and Singapore the agenda for MLOVE evolved into more than mobile: the goal is to stimulate new ideas and thinking which you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others. For more information visit

Social Media:

Twitter: @mlovesociety and hashtag #mlove


My digital footprint personal data tradeoff report

Illustration for Analytic Hierarchy Process ar...

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In an earlier post, I mentioned about the Digital footprint summit  for which I am working with Tony Fish

Here is another element we are considering as part of this event. For the lack of a better word, I will call it: My digital footprint personal data tradeoff report

The crux of the issue with My Digital Footprint is the propensity of customers to trade data for services

So, the question is: Could we predict the tradeoff between what elements of customer data would we share and for what services?

This is more than a survey and possibly involves techniques like the Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP  and pairwise comparisons

I seek comments on this if you are interested to know more





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Speaking at the Cloud Mobility conference – 20 -21 Sep Amsterdam






I am speaking at the Cloud Mobility conference – 20 -21 Sep Amsterdam which is one of the best known events in the Mobile Cloud space.

Some topics of interest include

The Defining Differences between ‘Mobile Cloud’ and ‘Cloud’

Building a Successful Business Model for Cloud

Mobility Services and Targeting Customers

Business models

Determining a Long-term Cloud Mobility Strategy

How Will Operators Make Cloud Business Profitable in the OTT Reality?

The Enterprise and Cloud Mobility

The Operators’ Strategy when Facing OTT competition

How do Third Party Providers fit into the Operator’s Business Plan?

Creating a ‘Cloud Active’ Environment

Security, Security, Security…What is the Key to Building Customer Trust?

Is the Security of Handsets Affecting the Adoption of Cloud Services?

Driving National Efficiency and Savings with Cloud Mobility

Dark Clouds and Rainy Days, the Bad Side of Cloud Computing  from our friend David Rogers

Cloud Services and Bandwidth: a Relief or Extra Burden? by me :)

Overcoming the Obstacles to Seamless Media Cloud Adoption

for more see  Cloud Mobility conference – 20 -21 Sep Amsterdam


Broadband world forum 2011

I will be attending the broadband world forum, the world’s largest broadband event, in Paris in September

Now in it’s 11th year, some of the topics of interest include:

Broadband & LTE Deployment Case Studies

Community broadband

Regulation & Universal Service

Implementing the transition to IPv6

Broadband Business Strategy Open Access Network Strategies

Operator Case Studies


IMS for voice & data

Content Delivery Network Implementation

Femtocells & Small cellular architectures

The role of WiFi off-load

OTT & IPTV: monetising online content

Beyond “traditional” PayTV

QoS as a service

Can Cable operators survive without offering Cloud services?

for more details see broadband world forum

2nd FOKUS Media Web Symposium – Gathering world’s media and web trend setters

I have attended/spoken the FOKUS events at Fraunhofer and we have another event forthcoming soon. Last year’s event was great and I expect this year will be no different I expect.

The venue is now bigger and in the heart of Berlin and link is 2nd FOKUS Media Web Symposium

As per their their media release:

Future media and mobile web experts, technology vendors and content providers meet in Berlin to spot and set trends as well as draw the roadmap of Mobile Applications, SmartTV and Social Media development.

It goes without saying that the bulk of services in today’s mass market as well as the markets of the future will be based on web technologies. Contents and services are being delivered to PCs, game consoles, TVs, smartphones and tablets without specific adaptation.

At the 2nd Fraunhofer FOKUS Media Web Symposium, to be held at November 10-11 2011 in Berlin, we will discuss which technical gaps and barriers have to be cleared to distribute optimized versions for a multitude of end devices.

In the morning sessions of the first day we will have two parallel tutorials addressing IPTV, HybridTV, WebTV, and Application development for three screens. The afternoon offers two parallel workshops with sessions on SmartTV, adaptive streaming, Mobile and Media Cloud, HTML5, native apps and cross platform apps.

Day two of MWS 2011 forms the backbone of the event. Six sessions are meant to provide insights to project managers and executive personnel from the media and content industry on topics concerning web integration in consumer electronics, social media evolution, multi-device apps and new media business models. On top of that, participants will have the chance to discuss technical challenges and opportunities of interactive content integration on multiple platforms and devices.

“We will receive 200 experts from all over the world and we would be pleased to have you with us for the two days. We are looking forward seeing you in Berlin!”

Dr. Stephan Steglich & Dr. Stefan Arbanowski

2nd FOKUS Media Web Symposium, Nov 10-11, 2011

Agenda available @

Register @

Info about last year’s event @

Mobile Future Forward 2011 Executive Summit Announces Speakers and Key Partners

Mobile Future Forward 2011 Executive Summit Announces Speakers and Key Partners

The future of mobile technology, business models, and consumers will be envisioned by key influencers and thinkers at this leading mobile industry summit

Our friend Chetan sharma launches the second year of his highly successful event from last year.

Mobile Future Forward, the wireless industry’s annual mobile thought-leadership summit, today announced that executives from leading communications companies, including AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Qualcomm, and HTC, will headline the 2011 conference speaker program. The event which takes place in Seattle, WA on September 12th is dedicated to discussing, debating, and deciding the future of mobile.

“Mobile Future Forward attracts a unique blend of visionaries and decision makers who influence billions of dollars of investment and purchasing decisions on a regular basis. Therefore, it is critically important to understand the evolution of the mobile ecosystem through their eyes,” said Chetan Sharma, Founder of Mobile Future Forward.

The distinguished thought-leaders for the 2011 program include:

· Glenn Lurie, President, AT&T Wireless;

· Danny Bowman, President, Sprint

· Steve Mollenkopf, EVP & Group President, Qualcomm

· Jason MacKenzie, President, HTC

· Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO, LightSquared

· Charlie Herrin, SVP, Comcast

· Paul Palmieri, CEO, Millennial Media

· David Messenger, EVP, American Express

· Erik Moreno, SVP, FOX

· Gibu Thomas, SVP, Walmart

· Hank Skorny, CSO, Real Networks

· Ken Denman, CEO, Openwave Systems

· Kris Rinne, SVP, AT&T

· Mike Mulica, President, Synchronoss Technologies

· Will Hsu, CPO, AT&T Interactive

· Suja Chandrasekaran, CIO, Timberland

· Prof. Cliff Nass, HCI, Stanford University

· Jo Harlow, EVP – Smart-Devices, Nokia

· Ken Wirth, President, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless

Mobile Future Forward is designed to help understand the tectonic industry shifts happening in mobile consumer behavior, technology and the telecoms business models over the next 5 years. The conference will help prepare the participants with critical understanding of the opportunities and the turmoil to come.

“We can expect more changes in the next 10 years than the previous 100,” said Chetan Sharma. “It is the companies that recognize and prepare for these disruptions and advancements that will prevail.”

During the conference, many important possible scenarios will be discussed and debated. The scenario triggers will vary but each of these factors can have an impact on how something trending now, will later become fact of life. To maintain their competitiveness and relevance in a trillion dollar mobile economy, players need to be better prepared and agile. Mobile Future Forward provides a platform for discussion, networking, and for shaping the mobile industry growth.

Mobile Future Forward is proudly sponsored by the most influential names in telecoms, wireless technology and consumer mobile. Companies contributing to the 2011 event include Qualcomm, Ericsson, AT&T Interactive, Synchronoss Technologies, Millennial Media, Real Networks, and Openwave.

Industry professionals can also download the Mobile Future Forward book published last year at the conference, which contains 18 exclusive thought leadership essays from high level industry executives at

About Mobile Future Forward

Mobile Future Forward is the mobile thought-leadership summit that attracts the most influential minds in the mobile industry. Participants include C-Level executives who are very instrumental in shaping the industry, in innovation adoption, and in managing the growth of revenues and profits. The experts and visionaries from around the globe will convene in Seattle on Sept 12th to envision and define the mobile industry over the next 5 years. Mobile Future Forward is produced by Chetan Sharma Consulting, the leading management and global strategic advisory firm to mobile industry leaders.