The 56th Carnival of the mobilists : At mopocket ..

Justin Oberman reporting live from Bangalore does a great job with the 56th carnival of the mobilists . Some great writing as usual

Carnival of the mobilists at fierce developer ..

Eli Dickinson at Fierce developer hosted the carnival and also made a reference to my Mobile Ajax post. As usual, the carnival is a great place and well worth a read

Carnival of the mobilists – at enrique’s blog ..

The 53rd carnival of the mobilists is at Enrique’s blog. Enrique is a great guy and I have learnt a lot from the feedback he has given me. As with anything, he does a great job with the 53rd edition of the Carnival.

Also, last week I forgot to mention Rafe’s carnival entry(sorry Rafe!). Rafe is another person whose work I follow closely and here is his link for the 52nd carnival of the Mobilists


Carnival of the mobilists : on Tarek’s blog ..

The 51st carnival is at Tarek’s blog . A good read as usual! (sorry for the late posting here Tarek)

The fiftieth carnival of the mobilists is at mobhappy ..

The fiftieth carnival of the mobilists is at mobhappy – apt since Russell and Carlo started the carnival at mobhappy not so long ago! Great read as usual!

Carnival of the mobilists No 49

The carnival of the mobilists No 49 is at Mobile opportunity(Michael Mace’s blog. Michael has been kind enough to include my post about The mathematics of web 2.0 (although it is not ‘mobile’). Thanks Michael.

Carnival of the mobilists : No 46

As the weeks go past, the carnival of the mobilists becomes bigger and better. Its now a regular feature of my weekly blogging and reading.

Matthew Miller – hosts a splendid carnival at his blog The mobile gadgeteer . Don’t miss it.

The 45th carnival of the mobilists at mobile crunch ..

Oliver Starr at Mobile Crunch posts the 45th Carnival of the mobilists. Oliver is a very clued on, insightful person and its great to his see these thoughts on my post on SoonR/Mobile Ajax

Oliver says ..

A perrenial thought leader, Ajit Jaokar of Open Gardens kicks off with proof positive of another accurate prediction: SoonR or later, Mobile Ajax had to become mainstream ..

From the post:

I had predicted at the beginning of the year that Ajax will lead to a resurgence of mobile browsing applications. It has taken just a few short months to see this vision turned into a live application. This week, SoonR launched the first true Mobile Ajax application. Based on the Opera platform, SoonR’s service truly leverages the power of Mobile Ajax.

I believe Mobile Ajax applications are a new and emerging class of applications, and this service is a trendsetter of a new wave of Mobile Web applications.

Thanks Oliver! Its good to know that my thinking is appreciated by mobile crunch!

Carnival of the mobilists : No 28

is at Smart mobs, compiled by my good friend Judy Breck .. great as usual ..

The carnival of the mobilists

The carnival this week is at Michael Mace ‘s mobile opportunity Its great as usual. It includes a bit of glamour and nudity befitting a carnival due to my post on Naked SIP :)