Learn AI and Data Science rapidly based only on high school math


What if you could learn AI and Data Science based on knowledge you already know?

You have an opportunity to accelerate your learning of AI in a unique way through this limited, early bird offer

Here is a simple observation:

The mathematical foundations of Data Science rest on four elements i.e. Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Multivariate Calculus, and Optimization theory.

 Most of these are taught (at least partially) in high schools. 

In this program, we use these maths foundations (which you learnt in High school) to teach the foundations of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The program is interactive and personalized for a duration of three months. It includes a certificate of completion. Coding examples are in Python (Pandas and NumPy)

The program delivery is by video. The program also includes a copy of a pdf book.

Starting on July 1, 2018. Limited places. Price 300 USD Available for a limited time only

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Created by Ajit Jaokar: Based in London, Ajit Jaokar works in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. He teaches at Oxford University (Data Science for Internet of Things).

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