AI labs – Learning unsupervised learning through Robotics

We are launching an AI lab. The goal is to learn unsupervised learning through Robotics (Cobots)

Long seen as a poor cousin to supervised learning -  with Variational autoencoders, Reinforcement learning and  Generative-Adversarial networks , unsupervised learning techniques have moved beyond the limitations of autoencoders.

From Oct 2018 to March 2019 , we are running a pilot. The lab will be focused on Open Source and possibly as a future B corp (social enterprise)

The lab will be launched as an educational venture. It provides a way to work with projects and to experiment with innovation.

Build and demo to group i.e. build a repository i.e. github portfolio



Starting in Oct To March

Membership only

Limited places - London only initially


Technical goals

To explore AI through Cobots – Collaborative robots (specifically the dobot) using unsupervised learning – specifically Variational autoencoders, Reinforcement learning and  Generative-Adversarial networks 

All code in Open source (Apache v2 code)

Focused on AI models for robotics (NLP, Reinforcement learning, CNN, Computer Vision etc) and also ROS (Robot operating system). Exploring complex problems like training of intelligent agents through simulation engines



A few of the meet-up members have volunteered to be part of the Tech advisory. Many thanks to the group!

Tech leadership team comprises



Ajit Jaokar

Dan Howarth

Dr Saed Hussain

Cheuk Ting Ho

Andy Bovey

Dr Ahmad Abd Rabuh

Barend  Botha(as signacore)


Outside the UK

Dr Amita Kapoor  (New Delhi)

Dr Daria Shamrai (St Petersburg – Russia)


Also pleased to collaborate for the Pilot in with eOffice – same as our office in London(Pier Paolo Mucelli, Oscar Chu Ortega)


Project leaders to be announced soon



Small fee (400 GBP/6 months)




Evenings eOffice

Weekends TBC


Under 18s?

In near future

Will be considered at no cost (but accompanied)



Python + Tensorflow using colab



Berlin and Milan


Comments welcome. Please email me if you want to join this initiative info at