AI for Fintech course – Early discounts and limited places



The AI for fintech is a new course with limited places focused on AI design (product, development and Data) for the fintech industry.

We will first explain the end-to-end principles of AI and Deep Learning and then describe specific applications and the implications of deploying them in context of fintech

The course will be conducted by Ajit Jaokar and Jakob Aungiers 




•             Foundations of Enterprise AI

•             Understanding the application of AI for fintech

•             Introduction to TensorFlow and Keras

•             End to end implementation for an AI application


Designing an AI product

•             Basics of Designing an AI product

•             Understanding Deep learning

•             Machine learning algorithms in TensorFlow and Keras:

•             Designing with Deep Learning algorithms

Multilayer Perceptron

Auto encoders

Deep Convolutional Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks

Reinforcement learning

Natural language processing

Basics of Text Analytics


Deploying AI products for fintech

•             Methodology for Enterprise AI projects

•             Deploying Enterprise AI

•             Understanding the Enterprise AI layer

•             Acquiring Data and Training the Algorithm

•             Processing and hardware considerations

•             Business Models – High Performance Computing – Scaling and AI system

•             Costing an AI system

•             Creating a competitive advantage from AI

•             Specific considerations for fintech: ex EU payment directive (PSD2) etc


Course Logistics

The course targets designers or developers who work with fintech.

Strategic Option:  You can choose to work with the strategic option  (no coding)

Developer Option:  The full course based on development in TensorFlow and Keras

Duration: Starting July 31 2017 approximately six months

Offered Online  with video based content

Fees:         Please contact us

Contact :  [email protected]