Data Science for IoT – role of foundation projects(constructivist learning)


In the Data Science for Internet of Things course, I use some elements of constructivism through the use of foundation projects.

Foundation projects allow the participant to choose a learning context which is most familiar to them based on their  existing experience
Foundation projects are different from the Capstone projects for each participant
This form of context based learning is not familiar to most people hence some notes
1) Context based learning is based loosely on constructivism .
A concise description –  Constructivism is pedagogy / learning theory which advocates that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. The teacher makes sure she understands the students’ preexisting conceptions, and guides the activity to address them and then build on them.
adapted from source :
“The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him accordingly”
Quote by Asubel one of the pioneers of this education:
In Holland and Germany, this form of education in Science is called by various names ex concept context learning (pdf)
What it means for learning in the Data Science for IoT course:
1)  we follow two modes of learning in parallel - instructivist (via the video based modules) and constructivist (via the foundation projects)
2) for the foundation projects, the participants choose a context most familiar to them from your prior experience. (ex healthcare, renewables, Industrial IoT etc)
The downside of applying constructivist methods to learning is .. they take a relatively long time – hence the longer duration of the course
for the current batch, the foundation projects are:
The foundation projects and project leaders are
Wearables: led by Quang Nam Tran (London)

Renewables:led by vaijayanti vadiraj(Bangalore)

Python for Data Science - temporarily led by me

Big Data: Spark and Cassandra for IoT - temporarily led by me – looking to handover and Trenton Potgieter (Austin)
Deep Learning with Nvidia: led by Jean Jacques Bernard(Paris) and Yongkang Gao(UK)
Data visualization with R: Barend Botha(London)
Predix: Industrial IoT – temporarily led by me – looking to hand over
ETL/Pentaho -
Deep learning and Machine learning with H2O led by Sibanjan Das(Bangalore)
Remote monitoring of elderly/patient care / healthcare - Manuel Betancurt(Sydney)

More details about the course:  Data Science for Internet of Things course

Image: Jean Piaget – the founder of Constructivism