Data Science for Internet of Things: A coaching approach

In the Data Science for Internet of Things course I take a coaching approach. I have alluded to this in the post about foundation projects  and construtivism.

Coaching has a questionable reputation – with some justification

But here, we are talking of high performance coaching strategies

For example: Consider the approach of a book like The talent code 

The author explores the world’s greatest talent hotbeds: tiny places that produce huge amounts of talent ex a small gym in Moscow that produces a large number of gold medalists in athletics. He found that there’s a pattern common to all of them: methods of training, motivation, and coaching. They also place and emphasis on hard skills

So, what does this mean for participants in context of foundation projects?

a)      Start with what you know(ideally)

b)      Work collaboratively

c)       Push your limits(you can choose something different)

d)      Each group for a project will have one person/s who is knowledgeable

e)      Your outcomes should be specific

f)       You can see the big picture through the methodology for problem solving with Data Science for Internet of Things

g)      Your contribution should be measurable

h)      Your contribution should be based on acquiring a specific skill

i)        foundation projects have a quiz

From my perspective – as tutor / coach

  • I need to understand what the participants already know (baseline)
  • Provide measurable feedback
  • Extend your capabilities/push limits
  • Ensure you acquire definite skills
  • Keep you motivated
  • Keep your learning at the right pace
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Provide alternative mentors in the community
  • Use newer methods of learning ex concept maps
  • Create great conversations
  • Allow room for unplanned expansion

I think these techniques applied online are new – and there is so much to learn for all.

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