Internet of Things world – the world’s largest IoT event

This year, as usual, we are proud to support IoT world in Santa Clara – the world’s largest IoT event

There is a great list of speakers

Topics I liked from the agenda include ..

  • How the Internet of Things Is Poised to Drive Business and Societal Transformation On a Global Scale
  • Revolutionizing Business Models; Driving Innovation & Embracing Disruption in a Future Connected World
  • Creating Value from connecting “things” Assessing the commercial feasibility and monetization of IoT
  • How will the “Internet of Things” remake your industry?
  • How secure is IoT in the home
  • Examining the role of Big data, Processing and Analytics for the Industrial Internet
  • The future of mobility: Assessing long term investment in car tech and how the industry will change over the next 10 years
  • The competing visions on the future of the connected car: Which horse should you bet on?
  • Examining the Smart Watch Trends, Timelines & Predictions
  • The Rise to Smarter Health Through Wearables
  • Examining Advancements and Adoption of Industrial Robotics
  • Building the “Smart Factory”
  • Showcasing a Connected City’s innovations and plans to move towards a smarter city
  • Transforming Public Services with IoT
  • Next Generation Data Visualization & Predictive Analytics
  • How is the Internet of Things is changing healthcare?
  • Remote Patient Monitoring with IoT
  • Building IoT solutions and taking data analytics into the cloud
  • Fog Computing: A Platform for IoT & Analytics
  • Hacking IoT
  • Building a Business Case for More Integrations in the Home
  • IoT in Shipping
  • Monetizing the Smart City with Location and Context
  • Connected Aviation Opportunities – Understanding Passenger Experience
  • Energy, Environment & Agriculture
  • Data Analytics & Visualization for Energy and Utility Companies
  • Utility Provider Case Study: Making the move towards the connected home versus providing
  • Examining the security risks associated with smart meters and smart grids
  • Embracing IoT in Agriculture: A Monsanto Case Study
  • IoT and the Farm: Challenges and Goals for the Future
  • Delivering an effective UX for the consumer
  • Vision for IoT: How Image Sensors Are Set To Influence the Next Generation of Connected Devices
  • Is your data center ready for IoT?
  • Moving towards the Next Generation of IoT Data with Machine Learning
  • Panel: Panel: Examining the role of Big data, Processing and Analytics for the Industrial Internet

for the full agenda and speakers see IoT world in Santa Clara – the world’s largest IoT event