#DataScience for #IoT meetup – (Nvidia Jetson demo) pleased to announce sponsor – Shack 15

For the first #DataScience for #IoT meetup – great to have an amazing sponsor and venue Shack 15 (@SHACK15LDN )

The meetup will be about Nvidia jetson Tk1 talk and demo

We will be demoing Nvidia jetson Tk1 and also discussing actual implementations ex Nvidia jetson tk1 with caffe on mnist 

The talk will be presented by Yongkang Gao  

SHACK15 is London’s up and coming data science hub. They strive to create an ecosystem of developers from the most innovative and creative data science startups, particularly those in their early stage, together with academics from the most prestigious institutions in the UK and across the globe. SHACK15 is run by Meltwater, the global leaders in social media and news analytics powered by their state-of-the-art developer platform, Fairhair.

If you are interested in Deep learning, please register here #DataScience for #IoT meetup