My slides for IoT and machine learning – Computational Intelligence conference #CIUUK14

I spoke at the Computational intelligence  on Sat at BT HQ in St Paul Londonand it was a very interesting event

I was surprised to see more than 300 people in London on a sunny afternoon for what is essentially a VERY geeky topic!
My talk (IoT and Machine Learning) got a lot of +ve feedback as per
Thura Z. Maung @thuramg 11h Enjoyed the talks #CIUUK14 today, particularly Artificial Super Intelligence and IoT/Machine Learning…
Brett Hutley @hitechnomad 12h I enjoyed the conference #CIUUK14 my favourite talk was probably the Internet of Things and Machine Learning
Robert Thomas @dizzybanjo 13h Arrived at #CIUUK14 interesting talk about machine
Diogo Neves @DiogoSnows 13h [email protected] what a great talk you just gave! thanks!!!!
Joe Da Silva @joemagicdevelop Brilliant talk by Ajit Jaokar on #MachineLearning applied to the #enterprise and #gov #CIUUK14
Pls sign up at futuretext
I am working on a larger paper on IoT and Machine Learning
shall email it when its released