The story line of our book – for kids to learn Raspberry Pi and Arduino by learning how to design and launch a satellite









Last year, we announced a book being written by me and my ten year old son about how to learn to code/use the Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc

Here is a more detailed outline of the book

The book is co-authored by me and my son Aditya (10 and a half years old)

Target audience is young people – 8 to 17 years

Background to the idea:

I once heard a NASA scientist say that – space unites humanity. i.e as an American citizen,  whenever he went globally – he heard people say that ‘we’ i.e. humanity conquered space.

So, the idea is – great scientific projects unite humanity.


A group of kids who are based globally decide to collaborate and launch a Satellite in space.

The Satellite is based on the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other open source technologies

In doing so, they learn about specific technologies like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Each child has expertise and is based globally (and often has some limitations/quirks).

The protagonist (a boy aged 10 based in London) – has the idea to launch a grand plan – a satellite in space based on Arduino / Raspberry Pi

He creates a group on facebook – and asks to see who wants to join to help him create this satellite

A group of kids globally respond:

A boy from China who has great mechanical abilities
A girl from Philippines who is good at programming
A girl living in Miami who is originally from Brazil who is into design
A boy from Germany who is good at hardware
A boy from India who is good at programming

The story is about this group of kids who collaborate to launch the satellite in space.

The book is a series of three books

a)      The plan – Design (launched in Oct 2014 in Miami)

b)      The build – How to make the satellite

c)       Blast off – the launch

The vision:

The world will be like this in future

Science and skill will unite humanity.

Talent will be found all over the world and people(even kids) will collaborate to create something amazing

If you are interested to know more – please email me at ajit.jaokar at

Image source: NASA – nanosat launch

(PS – technically the idea of launching an Arduino based satellite into space is very much possible. We use this to teach design and programming to kids)