Application developer alliance launches in Europe ..

 I have covered the Application Developer alliance before ( Joel Spolsky named Chairman of Application developers alliance board of directors) and Application developer alliance: The app economy has a new catalyst

So, its nice to see that the Application developer alliance formally launches in Europe

This is good news because – the app economy is key to European jobs, prosperity and competitiveness.

The eurapp study finds a total of 1.8M jobs in the EU app economy, with €17.5bn in revenues

And yet, that’s just the beginning! The future will be a lot brighter with grassroots innovation and entrepreneurs who will go on to create new companies – all of which will be ‘apps’.

We now accept that we live in a Mobile first world- yet, governments and policy makers have not fully grasped how big the nascent app economy could be.

Apps affect everyone

I am building a start-up feynlabs - which will be an app .. as will many others .. i.e. every new idea is an app

The app ecosystem is also the theme of our conference in Oxford University in May

I will watch this space with interest