Net Neutrality – Is the debate maturing?






Depending on your perspective, with recent developments, it’s tempting to think that Net Neutrality has debate has changed radically

But in reality, in the background, the Net Neutrality debate may be maturing

Here is why

I have attended IMS conferences for years and they have been predictably boring

Mostly we see the same faces and the same companies (mainly Operators) who complain of the same issues (OTT).

Absent from the debate are any real web companies

So, I was very surprised to see facebook and Mozilla speaking at the IMS world conference

This is a good development

To me, it shows that behind the rhetoric – we may be actually engaging in real dialogue to create useful services

webRTC plays a big role here – and I am a fan

And the interesting aspect is both facebook and webRTC are platforms

Which is good for wider innovation i.e. not just the players themselves

The sessions are


14.00 IMS and WebRTC: What does it mean and where is it going?

09.35 WebRTC: Because the web is the platform

• How browsers and operators can work together

• End user value of real-time communications

• P2P and privacy aspects of WebRTC

• Case study of how firefox can be integrated into IMS networks

Jean-Baptiste Piacentino, Firefox Director Browser Communications,

Mozilla, USA

 12.05 IMS and RCS integration and next generation carriers expect from Facebook.

• How can we evolve new architectures?

• Is Facebook really an OTT threat?

• Future deployments

Graham Bright, Mobile Partner Engineer, Facebook, Ireland

 We are also seeing a more complex discussion ex Has the FCC Chairman Solved the Net Neutrality Quagmire?

All these are good developments and in the end reflect a growing reality that everyone is ultimately focused on serving their customers in the best possible way