Vimeo – If you raised 10K on kickstarter for a film – why would you hand over exclusive rights to Vimeo?







Like many long standing blogs, I get many press releases – most of which are not relevant

This one from Vimeo sounded interesting until I explored deeper

At the Sundance festival РVimeo launched a 500K progam to fund crowdfunded films 

The idea is .. If you raised 10K on kickstarter – Vimeo would pay you 10K on a case by case basis for marketing and promotion – and then also permit access to a larger fund

This all sounds ‘motherhood and apple pie’ .. until you realize that its an exclusive to Vimeo ..

That’s not mentioned on the press release ..

More so .. 10K for marketing could also have caveats on how the money is spent (ex with any supplier? or with vimeo nominated suppliers)

The question is:

If you are a content provider .. and you raised 10k on KS etc .. why would you then give someone an ‘exclusive’?

If you have already been proven on Kickstarter .. why would you not go ahead and build a network on YouTube etc?

I love kickstarter and I raised a successful kickstarter round for feynlabs

 But I am tired of companies and PR agencies who exploit innovators and content providers

Finally, I am a huge fan of Walt Disney .. So remember the story of Disney and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

And I am genuinely interested in supporting great kickstarter campaigns .. who I invited to speak at an event which I chaired (long before they got traction)

Its just that this press release is indicative of how NOT to support innovation and how large platforms try to promote a service which sounds good on paper ..

PS – I am a paid vimeo customer. So no problem with Vimeo as such