The lemon Pi .. A Raspberry Pi based Ph sensor

Over the last year, we have been engaging with the community for @feynlabs

2013, we spent with trials in London, Liverpool, Amsterdam and Miami .. and also online with 400 teachers ..

In 2014 .. we will see a lot more of our work – both open sourced and in products

We will revamp the feynlabs site and continue engagement through the Concepts of Programming Languages facebook page and also elaborate on the feynmaps methodology we have been developing

We will be using the feynmaps methodology to learn many of ideas for Raspberry Pi and Arduino ex the Lemon Pi which we talked of in our facebook page created by by ten year old son

Young Aditya Jaokar has been busy in his half term cooking up ideas. here is one .. he calls it ‘lemon pie’ .. the idea is to detect acidity in lemons etc using a sensor to connect to the Pi .. simple name and good idea. very much doable ..