Must read – REINVENTING THE WEB: A New App Lets You Watch Whatever TV Program You Want, Including The Olympics, Anywhere In The World









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One major test will begin on Feb. 7 at 11 a.m., EST, when Hola’s users will try livestreaming the Olympic Opening Ceremonies from a variety of foreign websites, bypassing the vast system of electronic borders seeking to hem them in. Those who succeed will be watching up to eight and a half hours ahead of most Americans, since NBC is declining to carry the ceremony live on TV or to stream it at all, presumably to boost broadcast ratings in prime time.

There will be pageantry and spectacle and most likely a flurry of bizarre and over-the-top performances. Then the Olympians will parade around Fisht Stadium, a stirring display of athletic excellence and a testament to the human spirit, putting aside ethnic and national differences and coming together for a common purpose, borders be damned.

 Image source : Business insider/Hola