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As a child – I disliked IQ tests

Not that I was very bad at them – but because people short-sightedly tend to use IQ tests as measures in themselves for selection and admission

That process often excluded me ..

As an adult – I realise that my unique form of ‘intelligence’ if you will – lies in co-relating existing ideas to create new ones ..

IQ tests cannot measure that skill ..

However, IQ tests are not REALLY a measure of intelligence at all – (despite the views of some who think that they are) – because you can learn to pass these tests ..

In other words, there is an element of skill involved

So, it’s nice that I can use my form of intelligence of ‘hacking IQ tests’ to apply to another domain –  i.e. learning programming

Mastering IQ tests is really often a matter of understanding common patterns in these tests

I mentioned in Women and Coding – Do we need a different approach – the idea of learning programming like a ‘Chess master’ i.e. understanding common patterns for programming and understanding how they relate to the big picture

This is a technique we are using in our trials

For an analogy from IQ tests – Joseph Perla’s blog post is a good example – where he identifies common patterns in IQ tests and how they can be solved

So, we teach programming by

a)    How to read code (which gives you a big picture)

b)    How to identify patterns in code

c)    and then how to take a ‘systems view’ through the feynmaps techniques we are developing

Note I am not speaking about software patterns – rather I want to study programs and create common patterns as a way to learn programming..

More on this soon ..

As usual, comments welcome

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