Limited edition early version of my new book – The Telco Data Scientist – A case study approach

I have mentioned this book earlier in the year and it reflects a growing focus on Big Data for futuretext
A brief outline below
The book will be available as a limited edition for Feb 2013
Please contact me for pricing for the early limited edition at ajit.jaokar at 
The book is based on real case studies and insights
The ultimate objective will be to prepare you for the role of a Telco Data Scientist
I define a Telco Data Scientist as someone who performs/ aspires to perform the role of a Data Scientist and uses Telco/Mobile data
The Telco Data Scientist – A case study approach 
According to the Harvard Business School, the Role of the Data scientist will be the hottest job in the forthcoming future.
However, every industry will have different considerations for a Data Scientist. Specifically, the Telco industry will have unique considerations and great opportunities.
This book will explore the role and opportunities for a Telco Data scientist
Based on interviews and case studies with Operators and Vendors in this field – the book will provide a practical approach for the Telco Data Scientist
An indicative outline of the Telco Data Scientist 
An introduction to Big Data
The role of the Data Scientist
An overview of the Telecoms Opportunities
Data sets for Telcos
IOT Data
Data monetization and Business models
Case studies and ‘low hanging fruit’
Lessons from early adopters
Monetization strategies
Data Quality
Tools and technologies
Understanding and analyzing Telecoms data
Vendor strategies