Many thanks for a great event – Accelerating the Open Source IOT ecosystem ..

Accelerating the Open Source IOT ecosystem was a great event and completely sold out – even the extra tickets

Here is a note of thanks for the speakers and attendees

Hello all

Many thanks for the amazing day.
Lots of great comments and feedback on twitter as well – which I am still catching up on
As I mentioned, there have been requests to run this event in San Francisco and China. So, it may well be the start of something bigger.
If you have attended events I chair, they are all based on a simple set of ideas
a)  Bring the best thinkers in the industry
b)  Foster an ecosystem
c)  Create a conversation
d)  Intellectual excellence
We have all attended events with speaker after speaker presenting canned ‘PR department sanitized slides’ – and there is little learning,sharing or dialogue.
So, the real secret of a great event is the ecosystem i.e. the speakers and the attendees
Finally, it was always a risk running an event on such a narrow theme ‘Open Source IOT ecosystem’.
But I truly believe in it!
Its an idea whose time has come – as the speakers and the participation testified (the event was fully booked out a week ago and even the extra tickets were gone!)
Finally, thanks to the webinos foundation and Campus London for their support.
I will send presentations next week after checking with speakers
We will send also a publication – when we create it over the next few weeks.
Some of you have already sent ideas (thanks for that!)
We have plans to create a taxonomy for Open Source IOT
Happy to stay in touch on twitter, linkedin and facebook as below
many thanks again
kind rgds