F6s – a growing community for start-ups which you should join ..




Communities/ networks which grow organically are always of interest

I joined f6s a while ago and over that time get a steady stream of emails like “Your Linkedin friend XXX just joined f6s”

Since these are people I respect, I was intrigued.

The @lisadevaney tweeted an f6s press release  Tech Startup Founders Worldwide Rake in 100 Million Dollars in F6S Startup Card Deal.

Through Lisa, I spoke to Sean Kane – f6s co-founder about it.

The value proposition sounds a bit high (100 million dollars!) but it is seen as a reflection of f6s growth as a simple multiple of its 150,000 members

F6S is the leading global community for startup founders. It is made up of startup founders around the world, over 1,000 supporting companies, more than 3,000 startup programs and thousands of mentors and investors. The F6S community is focussed on helping founders grow through startup events, accelerator programs, community and jobs. The F6S Startup Card deals now drive the world’s largest tech startup deals community. F6S is based in London’s Tech City region, with startup representatives around the world.

Startup founders now have full access to the deals through F6S Startup Card membership

F6S released the following statistics about F6S Startup Card use:

64% of the 31.337 F6S startups have taken at least one deal available through their F6S Startup Card

F6S startups have received $5,272 in value on average from their F6S Startup Card

The most popular five categories for F6S Startup Card holders are cloud services (21%), design (9.75%), hosting (5.95%), analytics (5.95%) and email (5.35%)

I watch this space with interest