Chairing first day of conference .. Big Data Monetization in Telecoms





I chaired and spoke at the Big Data in Telecoms Monetization conference

This was an interesting conference and much aligned to my work on Big Data and Telecoms

I started with a quote – variously attributed to J Paul Getty - The meek shall inherit the earth – but not its mining rights 

In other words, Data will be free and avaialble and Open but some one will make money out of it (which essentially was the theme i.e. monetization)

I will blog about this conference more when I get more from the speakers ..

But there are many facets

Ex – The business case for Big Data in Telecoms  ..

Who owns? IT/Business

Should it come from IT or business

We should be able to prove a hypothesis and then a real business case

What are the quick wins

Inside vs Outside ROI (inside will be more likely for ROI)

Should we set up as a different business?

Do we need hadoop (hadoop allows us to explore new ideas although existing ways)

Should we set up a seperate Data selling company or a mobile apps company

Worth paying for data that can be used internally

Putting loads of data and not figuring what for rarely works

and much more ..

Will need more blogs ..

some gems from twitter

@AjitJaokar via @yifatkafkafi Best quote today: Big Data’s like teenage sex-everyone talks about it, but don’t know how to do it & think everyone else does #BigDataIQ

@AjitJaokar 5 Nov #bigdatatelecoms #bigdataiq – If you torture data for long enough you can make it say anything you want!