El Viaje de la Innovación – The innovation journey – new book by Carlos Domingo










This book is only in Spanish now .. and and English version is coming soon – which I am looking forward to reading.

I have blogged about how Telefonica is an example of how Operators could evolve into the Open world – and gain competitive advantage ..

In this context, I follow Carlos Domingo‘s (Director of Product Development and Innovation and board member at Telefonica Digital,Member of the Board at Jajah and Chief Executive Officer at Telefónica)’s work ..

And hence I very much look forward to the English version ..

A Google translate version of the book desc below

El Viaje de la Innovación – The innovation journey – book page in Spanish

El Viaje de la Innovación – The innovation journey – facebook page

Today, few are recurrent themes in the headlines of the media and innovation. But, simultaneously, a few spoken with such ignorance. Would we know explain what is actually innovation?,? Creation, invention, economically successful and profitable projects, how many types of innovation exist, or do only one kind of innovation? The manager of Telefónica Digital, Carlos Domingo, gives us the keys to understand, apply and successfully develop projects where we embark.

At any stage, but much more in times of crisis like the present, those who know your industry innovate will be to lead the economic, business and social. So, this book explains all aspects of innovation, from marketing to financing as well as through team management. But mostly it affects the selection of key ideas. The innovation journey, written by Carlos Domingo, one of the foremost experts in the field in Spain, offers the reader a number of basic principles and methodology that will help you avoid many mistakes and although it does not guarantee success a project, it does greatly increase the chance of success, consistently explaining you how to finish the project properly.

Among many other things you will learn:

  1. What innovation really means and how to distinguish it from other similar terms.
  2. There are many types of innovation.
  3. How to identify a problem and develop a product and business model to solve.
  4. How to validate our business model with customers and how to overcome the difficulties inherent in any innovation process.

In this book, Zara innovations, Nintendo, Gamesa, El Bulli or La Caixa, among many others, exemplify that as you progress in your reading, it is understood, by those who have succeeded to innovate, how to proceed through a clear and orderly. A method that will understand the process of innovation as something that can be done systematically and is not reserved for the few geniuses such as Steve Jobs or Amancio Ortega.

It is, in short, the best manual available for approaching the complex world of business innovation in the hand of a Spanish that is one of the largest global innovation experts, and with the example of the most innovative companies in Spain and in abroad.