Big Data for Telecoms – Telefonica and the Open Data Institute




I have followed Telefonica as an example of a progressive Operator – and here is one example.

Telefónica Dynamic Insights is now a partner of the Open Data Institute(ODI).

I have an interest in this space due to my Oxford University course I teach on Big Data for Telecoms 

The ODI was co-founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee with support from the UK Government with the aim to drive economic growth through the application of open data.

But what’s in it for Telecom Operators?

According to a Blog post by Steve Alder, CEO Telefonica Dynamic Insights, on why Telefonica have joined the ODI  the reasons are

1)  To explore how anonymised and aggregated data can be used in a responsible way to deliver benefits back to business and society.

 2) Engage with developers to come up with innovative ways to use data to create solutions that benefits society. The data available to them will include existing open data sets on transport, health, education, and the environment.

3) Identifying government data sets that could help  product roadmap; exchanging skills and knowledge on how best to extract insights from large amounts of data; and supporting some of the data start ups the ODI are incubating at their offices in Shoreditch.

4)  Synergies with Wyra (Telefonica’s start-up accelerator programme)

I met Steven Bartholomew, director of public affairs at Telefónica Digital, (picture below) at Campus Party and he added

1.       The ODI can provide us with greater awareness of open data sets that are out there (you don’t know what you don’t know)

2.       Skills development – 2 way – what learnings can we exchange on handling data, extracting insight from big data

3.       Digital confidence – we believe it is important to build trust and confidence among consumers, to demonstrate that anonymised and aggregated data can be used in a responsible way to deliver benefits to business and society

4.       We are looking to collaborate with the ODI on areas of social good. Starting with Campus Party – Europe’s biggest tech festival – where we are holding a competition to use existing open data sets to create a solution that benefits society – transport / health / education / environment

All very progressive indeed!

I watch this space ..