2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit




The 2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit has some interesting sessions which I am following

From the Sessions at M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit - here are some interesting themes for IOT/M2M

  • What is the current state of play of M2M innovation and what does today’s Internet of Things ecosystem look like?
  • What different IoT and M2M applications and platforms are available to help combat the emerging global challenges affecting the environment, society and technology?
  • Building the Internet of Things – Challenges and opportunities
  • Managing personal data appropriately is key in ensuring consumer confidence and trust is guaranteed from the outset.
  • What needs to be done to ensure the protection of users now and in the future?
  • What assurance techniques and counter measures are in place and what others could be implemented?
  • How can we educate consumers, industry and governments?
  • What are the greatest concerns and emerging security risks associated with M2M communications and the Internet of Things?
  • What impact can the 4G evolution have on industry and consumers?
  • What role are other ‘Connected Devices’ playing in reinventing the mobile experience?
  • Reinventing the mobile experience in vehicles
  • Governance and Standardization
  • What will be the future interplay between Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things?
  • What current technologies are available to residents?
  • What is the current state of Connected Home technology deployment in the United States?
  • What role can the smartphone play as an interface for the Connected Home experience? Is there a need for a platform approach?
  • What are the key privacy concerns?