Big Data, IOT and M2M- What’s trending on Twitter?







Editor’s note:

 This is Irina’s first post as Deputy Editor on OpenGardens. We will make this a regular feature. Irina has been looking at Twitter data to identify trends which have gained traction for Big Data, IOT and M2M. We list below the links that have been retweeted many times on Twitter. Comments welcome

A. Big Data – General, Business-Related and Legal Issues 

  1. “Big Data” Is Not “Big Data” Unless It Gives You Actionable Insight
  2. “Internet of things” will mean really, really big data
  3. Cloud Computing, Big Data & Smart Mobile Apps to Drive IT Spending in 2014
  4. Big data = big exposure. What can you do about it?
  5. A Technical Look at Big Data
  6. An extensive glossary of big data terminology
  7. Big Data and Vulnerability of Cellular Systems
  8. Big Data needs big problems
  9. The Datification Of Our Daily Lives [Video]
  10. The datacenter’s “elephant in the room”—the big piece that’s still missing from DC integration
  11. Thought Leaders in Big Data: Interview with Rajat Paharia, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Gamification Leader Bunchball (Part 1)
  12. The Big Joke About Big Data
  13. Big-data treasure depends on where you dig for it: Brobst – ZDNet (blog)
  14. Loyalty 3.0: Turning Big Data into customer loyalty
  15. Machine Learning Saves the Internet From Itself – Chris Taylor | Big Data Republic
  16. McKinsey Report Sells Big Data Short As Game Changer
  17. Is Hadoop really the answer to our big data problems?
  18. Big data important for Brick and Mortar stores. Video: Big Data Hits Real Life
  19. [webcast] Why Is Big Data Such Big Business? Big Data Power Panel at CloudExpo NY
  20. Why Big Data Will Never Beat Human Intuition
  21. What does Big Data mean for our cities?
  22. Why every finance professional needs a degree in big data
  23. The 21st Century Gold Rush: Mining Big Data | SiliconANGLE
  24. The Rise of Big Data | Foreign Affairs
  25. The Viability of Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]
  26. What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About Big Data, Strategy And Innovation
  27. Big Data for Smart Buildings
  28. Big Data Not Big Enough? How the Digital Divide Leaves People Out
  29. “Big Data” Is Not “Big Data” Unless It Gives You Actionable Insight
  30. BIG DATA 2. “Algorithms have improved by up to 100 times over the last 2 decades”
  31. An Extensive Glossary of Big Data Terminology
  32. Are You Tangled In A Big Data Hairball?
  33. Big data analytics revitalizes Colorado museum
  34. Apps That Know What You Want, Before You Do
  35. Big Data and Credit Unions: Machine Learning in Member Transactions
  36. Big Data and Its Less-Than-Gentle Lessons
  37. Big Data and Nonprofits
  38. Big Data for People and Revolutionaries, Not Just Businesses (Video)
  39. Big Data ‘Has No Clothes’ — Millennials Love It
  40. Big data in little hands: It happens with mobile
  41. Big Data in Real Time (Video)
  42. Big data obsession is treasure trove for comms
  43. Big Data Promises Overstated? Yes and No. Stopping by the Data Ops Neighborhood in Search of the Truth
  44. Building the Business Case for Information Governance – Contrasting Risk, Value
  45. Dyson: Big Data-Driven Thought Control Is Here
  46. Big Data Gets the Algorithms Right but the People Wrong
  47. How Big Data Can Help the Developing World Beat Poverty [VIDEO]
  48. How big data can result in bad data
  49. How Big Data Is Changing Enterprise Applications
  50. IBM Smarter PlanetVoice: What’s Driving Financial Services? Think Big Data
  51. Opportunities and Insights from Distributed Big Data
  52. Polish University Taps IBM Big Data Tools to Bring Middle Age Manuscripts to the Public
  53. Quantum Machine Learning for Big-Data
  54. APS Big Data Strategy has been approved by Secretaries ICT Governance Board
  55. I believe in Big Data.’ – Kim Jong Il
  56. The Big Brother Backlash: Who do You Trust with Your Big Data?
  57. The Fifth Wave: How Are Cloud Computing & Big Data Transforming IT?
  58. The Internet Knows More About You Than You Think (INFOGRAPHIC)
  59. The ‘Internet of things’ will mean really, really big data
  60. The Intersection Of Big Data And Cloud
  61. Three Enormous Problems Big Data Tech Solves
  62. The Future of Big Data Requires a Human Algorithm
  63. “Big Data at Human Scale,” Wharton Web Conference 2013
  64. Why most mobile apps can’t be trusted
  65. Zombie PCs are for crimelord chumps: Fear clusters, says infosec ace
  66. Smartphone batteries measure the weather.  An unexpected big data outcome
  67. What Sort of Questions Should You Ask of Big Data?
  68. Put a fork in ‘big data’  it’s done
  69. CenturyLinkVoice: 3 Ways To Develop A Big Data Strategy
  70. Big Data is changing the way we do business: 10 trends
  71. The Big Data Wilderness: Finding Your Way Starts With Asking The Right Questions
  73. “A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool” – 5 Guidelines to Make Big Data Work
  74. What is your definition of Big Data?
  75. What Sort of Questions Should You Ask of Big Data?
  76. Big Data and Customer Experience Begin to Converge
  77. What are the benefits of customer complaints?
  78. Big data is giving China an edge in renewable energy production
  79. Gartner’s 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Maps Out Evolving Relationship Between Humans and Machines
  80. 12 Predictive Analytics Screw-Ups
  81. The vanishing cost of guessing


B. Big Data – By Industry 

- Marketing, Advertising & Analytics

  1. Big Data, Analytics And The Future Of Marketing And Sales
  2. Big data, metadata, and traffic analysis: What the NSA is really doing
  3. Advertising in the Business of Big Data
  4.  New World’s-Largest marketing agency confirms advertising is no longer about memorable TV commercials, it’s Big Data
  5. How Is Big Data Reshaping Advertising?
  6. Big Data Analytics Will Permeate the Internet of Things | Blog post by James Kobielus
  7. Big Data and Advanced Analytics – 16 Use Cases
  8. How Big Data Analytics Enables Predictive Sourcing
  9. Preparing tomorrows city leaders for big data analytics
  10. Retailers, CPGs Using Big Data Analytics to Outperform Others
  11. Blueocean Market Intelligence Produces On-Demand Webinar on Big Data Challenges, Gaining Insights from Unstructured Data
  12. Claims Fraud: A Big Opportunity for Big Data & Analytics
  13. Graph analysis will make big data even bigger
  14. Marketers Need Consumer Data, But There’s a Big Problem
  15. Tealium, Splunk Partner to Solve Marketing’s Big Data Problem
  16. Big Data Analytics:  Good Questions Result in Better Answers
  17. 10 Ways to Use Big Data to Get to Know Your Customers Better
  18. Big Data Analytics Doesn’t Have to Be the Wild West
  19. Big Data analytics
  20. Big Data Analytics Will Permeate the Internet of Things
  21. Big Data Analytics: Getting Business Value from Big Data via Advanced Analytics
  22. Big Data and Advanced Analytics – 16 Use Cases
  23. Big data and multi-channels complicating marketers’ ability to measure ROI, according to report
  24. Big Data Will Change Advertising Forever
  25. Claims Fraud: A Big Opportunity for Big Data & Analytics
  26. How Big Data Can Improve Marketing and Customer Service
  27. McKinsey eBook (free): Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing and Sales
  28. Marketers and Big Data: Instructions for Use
  29. Free White Paper: Marketing With Big Data to Increase ROI
  30. Can Big Data make sponsorship easier?

- Education

  1. How Big Data Is Taking Teachers Out of the Lecturing Business
  2. Big Data in Education
  3. Some Higher Ed CIOs Remain Big Data Skeptics
  4. Big data could end professor lectures
  5. How Big Data Is Taking Teachers Out of the Lecturing Business
  6. Big Data in Education
  7. This Guy Left Google To Put The Power Of Big Data Into Small Classrooms

- Government 

  1. BSA Presidential Event: The Challenge of Big Data | 25 Oct ’13, British Library
  2. Deciphering big data for wider public access
  3. Future of e-government: prevention is better than the cure
  4. 5 Ways to Create a Data-Driven Culture in Government
  5. Twitter under pressure to give governments more user data
  6. Big Data Can Help the Federal Government Move Mountains. Here’s How.

- Security

  1. “Big Data” Dynamo: How Giant Tech Firms Help the Government to Spy on Americans
  2. DHS Ups Its Big Data Game, Asks Vendors What They’ve Got
  3. Watch out, terrorists: Big data is on the case
  4. Have the NSA Leaks Compromised Big Datas Future?
  5. Top 5 Truths about the Big Data Hype and Security Intelligence
  6. London’s ban for spy bins highlights lure of big data to business
  7. Irony Alert: Pentagon Now Sees Big Data as ‘National Security Threat’
  8. Feds label Big Data ‘security threat,’ expand data programs anyway
  9. DARPA calls Big Data boffins: Help us lock up everyone’s privates
  10. How Big Data Could Stop Criminals Before They Strike

- Healthcare 

  1. Notre Dame Researchers Develop System That Uses a Big Data Approach to Personalized Health Care
  2. System developed that uses a big data approach to personalized healthcare
  3. 6 Keys to the Future of Big Data in Healthcare Marketing
  4. Big Data Analytics In Healthcare: Choosing The Right Solution
  5. Big Data Can Deepen or Dilute Caregiver-Patient Engagement
  6. How big data is taking on breast cancer — and big biotech
  7. Big Data: How Max Levchin is using ‘big data’ to make a difference
  9. How big data and genome sequencing leads people to change their habits and prevent disease
  10. How can big data, analytics make healthcare data meaningful?
  11. Michael J. Fox Foundation Points Big Data At Parkinson’s
  12. The Importance of Big Data in Healthcare

- Retail 

  1. How are retailers dealing with big data? Who are some innovators?
  2. “Big Data in Retail” now available at Fast Market Research

- Sports 

  1. Point, Set, Match. Wimbledon Runs with IBM Power Systems, Big Data, and SlamTracker

- Social Media 

  1. Leveraging Big Data &  Social Media to Create a Cross-Channel Experience
  2. What Does Big Data Mean for the Future of Social Media?
  3. What the Quantified Self and Big Data Mean for Social Media
  4. Tubular Labs Crunches Big Data to Create Audience Dashboard for YouTube
  5. Harris Teeter Using Big Data to Enhance Mobile, Social

- Skills, Jobs & Employment  

  1. Data Scientists are the New Rock Stars as Big Data Demands Big Talent
  2. A Big Market for Big Data Jobs
  3. With Big Data, Companies Can Predict Your Success Before Your First Day On The Job
  4. Are Degrees In Big Data A Fad Or A Fast Track To Career Success?
  5. Big Data and talent acquisition – what’s the link?
  6. Hot Jobs in IT: Competitive Intelligence
  7. Big Data tying knots in HIT workforce
  8. How Big Data Is Playing Recruiter for Specialized Workers
  9. With Big Data, Companies Can Predict Your Success Before Your First Day On The Job


C. Big Data – By Company 

  1. Big Data computing startup GridGain raises $10M
  2. Farewell Don Draper, hello Big Data: decoding the Omnicom-Publicis merger
  3. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen shares key takeaways from his FortuneTech panel on “Who Owns Big Data”
  4. At Netflix, big data can affect even the littlest things
  5. Zettics nabs USD8.2m for big data analytics
  6. TravelSky, Sugon Team For Big Data Aimed At China’s Travel Sector
  7. Big-Data Doings at Big Companies
  8. Cloudant Enhances Big Data Management With Features Like Scalability And Replication
  9. ESDS selects IBM PureSystems for Cloud and Big Data
  10. FreeBSD founder quits Apple to focus on Big Data
  11. NIH commits $24 million annually for Big Data Centers of Excellence
  12. Omnicom, Publicis Merger Reveals Big Data’s Influence on Ad Business
  13. Transactional Big Data Startup ERN Bolsters Its Analytics By Acquiring Elucidata, Inspired Analytics
  14. 10 Top Big Data Startups to Watch–Final Rankings
  15. ABS prepares big data transformation
  16. ESDS Selects IBM PureSystems Over HP and DELL for Cloud and Big Data Offerings
  17. IBM unveils PowerLinux System server for big data and analytics
  18. Kofax Adds Integration, Big Data Analytics in Kapow Acquisition
  19. Kontera Extends its Big Data Content Marketing Platform with New Content Discovery Product for Social and Content Teams
  20. Mathematica gets Big Data with HadoopLink
  21. NIH commits $24 million annually for Big Data Centers of Excellence
  22. OpenDNS uses big data to identify attacks before they occur
  23. Sonic Drive-in CIO on learning to embrace big data and cloud computing
  24. IBM and Universities Team Up to Close a “Big Data” Skills Gap
  25. Communitech Launches Data.Base, the World’s First Structured Big Data Ecosystem
  26. Why Google thinks it can solve a big balloon problem with big data


D. Top Trends & Summaries 

  1. The Four V’s of Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]
  2. 10 Big Data Trends Changing the Face of Business
  3. 10 Ways to Use Big Data to Get to Know Your Customers Better
  4. 3Vs of Big Data are Volume, Velocity, and Variety.  Most important is 4th V: Veracity
  5. 6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great Customer Experiences
  6. 6 Ways To Build Trust In Big Data
  7. 9 Big Data Lessons Learned
  8. 9 Open Source Big Data Technologies to Watch
  9. 5 Ways Big Data is Changing Marketing Forever
  10. 5 key questions to improve Big Data governance
  11. Five charts on the US economy’s big data makeover



- General Issues

  1. The Internet of Things (and the myth of the “Smart” Fridge)
  2. “The Internet of Things is actually hundreds of smaller, fractured Internets.”
  3. This Startup’s Cheap Sensors Could Create an OS for Everyday Life
  4. Cheap Monitoring Highlights Dangers Of Internet Of Things
  5. Trillions of Smart Sensors Will Change Life
  6. Connected devices are taking over the world
  7. 8 ways the Internet of Things will change the way we work
  8. A Blueprint To The Internet Of Things: Bump’s David Lieb
  9. Arduino and Android, lets start the Home Automation
  10. Arduino and the XOBXOB IoT Platform
  11. Big Data, IoT, API …….Newer technologies protected by older security.
  12. Researchers invent wireless Morse code for the internet of things
  13. brand-e: Internet things to come
  14. Counting the Internet of things in real time
  15. Dr. Seuss and the Internet of Things
  16. Europe’s policy options for a dynamic and trustworthy development of the Internet of things
  17. Exploring XOBXOB – the new Arduino-compatible IoT platform
  18. Friend or Foe? When IoT Helps You Get Hacked by Your Security
  19. Guidelines Expected For IoT Vehicle Data Communications
  20. Hacking a smart lightbulb system
  21. How Many Internet Connections are in the World? Right. Now.
  22. Learn About A Future With “The Internet Of Things” From Jeff Hagins, CTO of SmartThings At Compute Midwest
  23. How The Internet Of Things Will Think
  24. How the internet of things changes everything
  25. How The Internet of Things is changing the game [Infographic]
  26. How To Intelligently Build An Internet Of Things (IoT)
  27. How to Model an IOT in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
  28. A Better Way to Tackle All That Data
  29. Smartphone-enabled hotel rooms give customers control of their experience
  30. $14.4-tn bounty: Internet of everything & opportunities it represents
  31. Gartner Says Potential Size and Diversity of the Internet of Things Mask Immediate Opportunities
  32. Internets of Things Need Glue
  33. Internet Of Things: A Growing Battleground Between Mobile And Chip Companies
  34. Internet of Things: Semantic Tech Has A Role, If Businesses Can Figure Out What IoT Means To Them
  35. The Internet of Things and the future of manufacturing – Part I: Changing value chains
  36. Interoperability Issues Cloud IoT Vision
  37. Interoperability issues on the Internet of Things
  38. Machine To Machine Connections – The Internet Of Things – And Energy
  39. NVM memory: A Critical Design Consideration for IoT Applications
  40. Obama Promises and the Internet of Things: How Your Toaster Will Spy On You In the Future. 
  41. What Does IoT all mean?
  42. [Report] Car industry must remodel itself to exploit the ‘connected future’
  43. Battery-Free Wireless Devices Let You Send Texts After Your Phone Dies
  44. The future of ubiquitous sensors and new ways to write software for it
  45. What Is the Internet of Things?
  46. Bionic fashion: Wearable tech that will turn man into machine by 2015
  47. Yes, the hardware revolution is upon us
  48. How wearable technology could transform business
  49. Pinoccio – A Complete Ecosystem for Building the Internet of Things
  50. Up close and personal with Atmel’s SAM4L Xplained Pro
  51. The Maker Movement: Tangible Goods Emerge From Ones and Zeros
  52. Cisco and the Future of M2M
  53. Key players in IoT, but can QRcodes ever be a designers friend?
  54. Nerds: get ready for the Internet of Cooking
  55. RFID be gone: Why you might soon be 3D printing the Internet of Things
  56. The real human experience of the IoT
  57. Driving Compliance with Embedded Devices — the Internet of Things
  58. Strasburg, Colorado: Remote Controlled Fire Alarm and Disaster Warning System
  59. How crowdsourcing, IoT and data analysis is transforming earthquake detection.
  60. The Internet of Things Incubating in University Labs
  61. Kore partners with Gemalto to boost connectivity offering
  62. Connected home security scare: Why a renewed focus on security is imperative
  63. The Internet of Things – Navigating the Future of Information Technology
  64. The Internet of Things: Getting Smart About ‘Smart’ Objects
  65. Utilizing TV white space, unlicensed spectrum in an M2M world
  66. Demand for Smart Sensors Is On the Rise
  67. Here’s an ingenious and depressing connected device to conserve energy
  68. Atmel builds a world of touch for the IoT
  69. Thinking About How to Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)
  70. Remote acoustic sensor network used to pinpoint location of gunshots
  71. A New Era of Computing Requires a New Way to Program Computers
  72. ArduSat successfully launched in space – Watch video!
  73. Broadcom Smartens Up ‘Internet of Things’
  74. Counting the Internet of things in real time
  75. CSC Unveils New Machine-to-Machine Solution
  76. Eclipse Foundation Adds New Internet Of Things Projects To Help Push M2M Standards Forward
  77. Internet things to come
  78. More Connected Homes, More Problems – MIT Technology Review
  79. My open-source, do-it-yourself cellphone (built with Arduino).
  80. Over the Internet of Things Hovers the Specter of Legacy Code
  81. Podcast: How the internet of things will make your wallet fat
  82. IoT Brings Power Awareness Opportunities
  83. Wireless devices go battery-free with new ambient backscatter energy-harvesting communication technique
  84. Your house is your new follower on Twitter
  85. How ‘big data’ is changing lives
  86. The Human Face of Big Data

- Smart Cities

  1. After Mobile – The Smarter City
  2. London to create airport of the future with ‘Internet of Things’
  3. The city of 2050


F. M2M 

  1. Communicating in the age of the network: Benetton gets into M2M with Sandbox collaboration
  2. Confused about M2M Terminology? Here is a great place to start



feynlabs vision – Every child a Computer Scientist

Our vision at feynlabs –  Every child a Computer Scientist


Could Chomsky’s idea of Universal Grammar apply to programming Languages?











As I continue to develop the ideas behind Feynlabs – I have many interesting conversations

One person remarked that the ideas I am trying to create are like ‘Chomsky’s idea of Universal Grammar’ but for programming languages ..

I was aware of Noam Chomsky but not with the idea of Chomsky’s universal grammar

In context of natural languages, Linguist Noam Chomsky made the argument that the human brain contains a limited set of rules for organizing language. In turn, there is an assumption that all languages have a common structural basis. This set of rules is known as universal grammar.

Universal Grammar is made up of a set of rules that apply to most or all natural human languages. Most of these rules come in the form of “if a language has a feature X, it will also have the feature Y.”

For example – If a language has a word for purple, it will have a word for red. (source Wikipedia)

So, question is: Can this idea be applied to learning of Programming Languages?

If you look at the third stage in our Kickstarter video (below) .. its the most complex i.e. the ability to look at a range of Programming Languages and paradigms and learn what is common across them so that you can learn any programming language (and in doing so, also Computer Science itself)

I believe that Computer Science has five characteristics

 1)      Computer Science is based on Computational thinking

2)      Computer Science is based on Tool making (as opposed to merely using tools)

3)      Like Mathematics , the value of Computer Science lies in applying it’s principles to other domains

4)      Programmability i.e. the ability to write code is a key element of Computer Science and

5)      In future, programming and algorithmic thinking will be much more common as value and innovation shifts to platforms i.e. more devices will be programmable

 To this, we are adding

1)      The ability to rapidly learn Computer Science(especially to accelerate the early stages of learning of Computer Science)

2)      A way to learn Computer Science by understanding the implementation of different programming Languages

3)      Understanding the new computer science syllabus for schools especially in UK, Europe and USA (currently)

 We now know the platforms and languages we are ‘abstracting’

 1) Python

2) Mathematica

3) R

4) C – C++

5) Processing (Arduino)

6) Lua

7) Haskell

8) touchdevelop

9) Javascript

10)Ruby on Rails framework

11) Java(Greenfoot)


 So, is it like Chomsky’s universal grammar?

I can see the analogy i.e. if a language has a feature X then it will also have a feature Y is very much aligned to my thinking


Image source – wikipedia

Counting down to the launch of ardusat – world’s first open source satellite (based on arduino)

This is very exciting and you should follow it if you are not already




















We are now counting down to the launch of ardusat – world’s first open source satellite (based on arduino)


ArduSat is an open source, Arduino based Nanosatellite, based on the CubeSat standard. It contains a set of Arduino boards and sensors. The general public will be allowed to use these Arduinos and sensors for their own creative purposes while they are in space.

ArduSat is the first open source satellite which will provide such open access to the general public to space.

Ardusat want to get you into space!

Once launched, the ArduSat (Arduino – satellite) will be the first open platform allowing the general public to design and run their own space-based applications, games and experiments, steer the onboard cameras to take pictures on-demand, and even broadcast personalized messages back to Earth.

ardusat is yet another kickstarter innovation


see the kickstarter video to get an idea

Here are some ideas that you can implement

SCIENCE: Meteor Hunter – Small meteors that strike the atmosphere every day created trails of ionized gas in the atmosphere in the upper atmosphere. Write an experiment to try and detect meteor impacts, by listening for radio stations beyond the horizon, reflected by the meteor trails!

ENGINEERING: Your Eye in the Sky - Try writing an app that would synchronize the output of a head mounted-gyro to the steering system on the satellite. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try downlinking the attitude vector in real-time to watch the satellite follow your head – you could even tie-in your head-steering to our program that takes pictures! (Talk to Joel if you’re interested in this experiment!)

ENGINEERING: Point-and-shoot - The following settings can be set on the camera: “exposure, gamma, gain, white balance, color matrix, windowing”. Try designing an algorithm that fine-tunes the settings to take even better pictures or more artistic pictures!

ENTERTAINMENT: Geiger Counter Bingo - Write an app that transmits a message with a random number and letter every time a particle hits the satellite with enough energy. Have a ‘bingo from space’ game between HAM radio amateurs.

ENTERTAINMENT: Photography Competition – See who among your friends can snap the coolest/most interesting picture from space. The eye of a hurricane, sunrise over the Indian ocean, even aurora from space – see what marvels you can capture!

Take pictures from space 
The satellite is not just for scientific purposes; ambitious photographers and artists will be able to steer the satellite cameras take pictures on-demand of the Earth, the Moon, or the stars. Especially from the Artist community we expect to see some spectacular private space pictures so we all can marvel at the beauty of Earth from above. Lots of people are following this space – like the father and son team from diyinspace (where I saw these ideas from)

The launch countdown is HERE