Welcoming Irina Gray as deputy editor of OpenGardens blog ..

Over the years, (starting 2005!) this blog has evolved alongwith my personal work

Earlier this year, I launched my edtech startup feynlabs (still in alpha for the rest of this year – as we develop content based on trials)

Also, as you can see from the posts here (on Big Data for Telecoms ) – futuretext (ie my existing work) will be increasingly focused on Big Data for Telecoms
In that context, we will blog far more extensively about Big Data for Telecoms here and my Oxford University course will also be aligned to the theme of Big Data for Telecoms
So, to manage the extra focus on Big Data for Telecoms on the Open Gardens blog, I am pleased to welcome Irina Gray as the deputy editor of Open Gardens blog
Based in Scotland but Russian by ethnic origin, Irina was born and grew up in Turkmenistan – which used to be part of the Soviet Union and is now an independent country.
In 1996 she graduated from a university back in Turkmenistan with a bachelor’s degree in English and literature.
Later on she went on to work in investment industry and got her master’s degree in international investment and financial studies from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2000.
Since 2003, in various capacities, she has been working with me in my previous ventures
Irina loves networking with people around the world, which also opens up some incredible opportunities for personal and business development.
Irina’s other interests include the environment, raw foods, nutritional therapy and natural health.
Irina currently live in Scotland with her husband and son.


  1. Irina Gray says:

    Thanks very much for introducing me in such a lovely way. I look forward to working with you here :) .