My Oxford University course – Big Data for Telecoms




My Oxford University Course – Big Data for Telecoms is now announced. Have a look. Its a key topic going forward and I will include survey results I am conducting covering Use cases, Analytics and Vendor Strategies for Big Data and Telecoms

You will get a certificate of completion from Oxford Uni. My objective is to distinguish the unique elements of Telecoms for Big Data and ultimately define the unique aspects of the role of a Data Scientist for the Telecoms industry

Big Data for Telecoms is a one-day course which provides a strategic foundation for the application of Big Data principles to the Telecoms ecosystem.

The key elements covered in this course are

  1. Uniquely tailored for the Mobile / Telecoms industry including Internet of Things
  2. Based on an ongoing survey (Case studies, Analytics and Vendor strategies) for Big Data and Telecoms
  3. An understanding of Big Data analytics especially geared to Mobile
  4. Understanding the role of the Mobile Data Scientist
  5. Policy and regulatory issues and the challenges and opportunities they provide
for a more detailed outline see  Oxford University Course – Big Data for Telecoms