NFC Ring – Liberating NFC from the Operators and Apple – the kickstarter way ..











Update - I have updated this blog to also include Apple

I just backed this project on kickstarter – NFC Ring created by @John McLear in the UK

As feynlabs (my edtech startup), we completed a funding round successfully on Kickstarter – Computer Science for your Child and we support cool innovation from the grassroots community at Kickstarter

But wearing a Mobile hat, this project (NFC Ring) is a great idea

NFC (Near Field Communication) has been too closely tied by the operators to SIM ..

Nothing wrong in that per-se BUT

NFC has far greater applications than linked to payments

And it’s not working .. NFC payment volume forecast revised downward by more than 40pc: Gartner

Meanwhile, Apple plays it’s own game with zero interest in NFC – NFC Stands For Nobody F****** Cares

Nor will VCs support any startups in this space for NFC and Payment solutions like Square are catching up fast

In other words, NFC  is an open technology which works at the moment but existing players are trying to create an ecosystem which they control (Apple and Operators)

Kickstarter projects like NFC Ring liberate NFC and bring it back to a simpler (but more ubiquitous) set of applications. 

The system is open sourced as well .. hence a platform for others to create innovative things

Have a look .. Its a simple and a cool idea ..