How do IOT appstores differ from conventional appstores ..








How do IOT appstores differ from conventional appstores?

Conventional appstores add commercial features like packaging, discovery, monetization etc but do not extend to the sense-compute-actuate paradigm.

IOT appstores differ from traditional appstores for two reasons

a) Their reliance on multiple sources of sensor based open data and

b) The need of actuating devices in (almost) real time.

Conventional appstores do not need data from a variety of sources.Nor do they need to immediately actuate.

IOT devices may also send data about themselves periodically, on demand or triggered by an event.

The IOT service would thus need to “sense – compute and actuate” in almost real time.

Sense Compute Actuate is a well known idea in Digital control systems but not in conventional appstores

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I will be referring to this in my new book on the Mobile Data Scientist and my Oxford University course on Big Data for Telecoms